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Posted: Nov 14, 2019 @ 11:42am
Updated: Nov 14, 2019 @ 12:05pm

If you're a serious puzzle gamer, and even if you're just looking for something to kill a few minutes here and there, Blockwick 2 is a good time. The main goal of the game is to match all the blocks of the same color (except for the white "garbage" ones) in a given area. You do this by sliding them around, much like those old sliding-block toys where the goal is to create a picture, except this time both the playfields and the pieces come in many more shapes than just squares.

There are other gimmicks as well: "sleeping" blocks, blocks that can only move as part of a set, block chains (heh), and so on. The sticky and multicolored tumbling blocks are the most frustrating ones to deal with, but they are manageable enough, and not so bad that they made me want to give up on the game.

In general, the puzzles are very well designed, and each one has two secondary goals for completionists. One of these, the hidden pearls, is also useful for when you need to skip a puzzle that's too hard. However, veteran puzzle fans should have little trouble completing the main goals, and the other bonus goal, that involves matching blocks over runes, provides a good bit of challenge.

If I have one complaint (besides certain sometimes annoying special blocks), it's that the difficulty between puzzles is a little uneven, particularly in the "Basics" sets. Otherwise, I found this game to be just what I needed at the time I picked it up. if you're in the mood for a good, low-key puzzle game, I recommend you do the same.
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