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Posted: Jan 16, 2022 @ 8:36am
Updated: Jan 16, 2022 @ 11:33am

This is the third-best Tale of Tales experience after Luxuria Superbia and The Graveyard, a meandering journey through musings on art, wealth, conflict, culture, and so on, told through the eyes of a housekeeper. Some aspects of the plot and setting seem dubious; for example, Mr. Ortega is rich and an avid reader, so why are so many of his books cheap paperbacks? Then there's Angela; I really want to know more about her, as her background and circumstances sound incredible, especially when compared to her mundane job. Still, the game has interesting things to say, the plot goes to some equally interesting places, and Mr. Ortega has impeccable taste in art. There are some wonky controls, cutting through the dining room becomes arduous after a certain point, and the total number of achievements is excessive, but it generally plays fine. The diary feature is handy as well. Not for everyone, but if you've enjoyed other Tale of Tales works and/or arty games in general, this is worth checking out.
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