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I usually don't take requests from random people... so don't try ;)
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For your information, I do NOT make rock crawlers. I purely make trailing trucks and deisel trucks. Usually I only make mods for close(er) friends of mine. I don't help just some random person mod (reason i got a tutorial on youtube). That being said, if you've watched my tutorial once, you won't understand on the first time. I always tell people to watch a tutorial over and over again and then you will understand. It took me countless hours to understand how to mod (and to this date i still learn many things).

Here i will try to put as much info about me as possible. If there are any mistakes, please contact me through steam.

When I had just heard about Spintires in 2014, I wanted to play it as soon as possible. Now back then, this was the tech demo of the game (the first spintires ever created by PZ) i didn't start playing it until 2015, and thats were RiskyWisky all began.

Modding was something that I felt i should do, I sorta felt like it was the hobby I could have. I thought this would be wacky taffy super easy... and yea nope. I started out with maps, with Blackwater (CA) teaching me along the way on all of the tips he knew before he went off to college.

Right after he was permenentally done with Spintires, I was left on my own. I had to start releasing all of my very poorly made maps and get my name out there. But doing so wasn't so easy. By releasing a map in 2015 to like 2017 you either had to get your map on Spintires.NL (which by the way most maps or trucks did not make it there) or you had to post them on oovee.

At the time, oovee was starting to die (as well as the game itself) less and less people played the game, and there were very very few modders out of the people that played. To most people, modding was unknown, and I was just starting how to learn.

2 12/ (ish) years past and Mudrunner was released. After making mods for all that time, I thought to myself "What path will i take with this game" making maps was getting old and I knew everything by heart, so around december of 2017 (one year from today) i tried to learn to make trucks.

I watched Stetson's tutorials on youtube, over, and over, and kept watching other 3ds max tutorials, over and over again until it made somewhat sense to me. My first mod (that first built dodge) was THE FIRST mod that i was able to make and put in game. Obviously, the mod was literly trash, and I needed to keep improving.

Before I even learned to make trucks, I met banks, who was (at the time) a freash modder. We grew close together, sharing mods, and helping each other out. He was one of the biggest infuences on me in my modding career and tried helping me all the time.

Months past, still learning how to master 3ds max (which to this date i have over pleanty to learn). There, I started posting on the focus fourms. I had just discover it, and wanted to be a part of it. I got help from the community, and to this day they still help me achive the dream of becoming the modder i've always wanted to be.

The community deserves a great props, for everything y'all do. You guys have donated countless amounts of money, you guys have helped me with everything in modding, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything y'all have done. Without you guys, i wouldn't be here modding.


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{RiskyWhisky} Dec 7 @ 12:52pm 
Happy holidays to all of y’all. Thanks for all of the support
Timostrategy Dec 7 @ 3:15am 
+rep great modder
{RiskyWhisky} Dec 1 @ 9:46pm 
Please do not use that audio any more.
JustCallMeSurge Dec 1 @ 7:02pm 
Risky, Took down the page showing you saying racist slang, Remember i still have audio of you saying some dark things. but i choose not to release it. just saying. :)
{RiskyWhisky} Dec 1 @ 8:14am 
yes ive already seen it and theres really nothing i can do about it.
KHP Truckrules Dec 1 @ 7:51am 
Risky thiers a problem