Kunt Paul
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Well yes, hello, welcome to my profile
I'm just a regular steam user, who's playing TF2, some Yakuza games, RDR2 and other games too.
What can I tell about myself?
I have mental issues, because of sh**ty school teachers not teaching me (us) right, also the stress that they do to me.
Living in Eastern Europe, not enjoying my life of a mess i live in.
My age can be 14 or 15, or 16.
Birthday: Third of June
Also, I don't trade or accept random friend requests, just type the reason why are you adding me in the comments.
Why is my username Kunt Paul?
(Quite a frequently asked question)
It's because that im an annoying kind of person: I annoy, target people, micspam when I get autobalanced.
Also I picked it from a fictional character - Kent Paul, who appears in Grand theft auto Vice City and San Andreas.
Im quite a good guy too, I like having conversations and being friendly with some other people.
Funny quotes from TF2
B A B U S H K A : Im leaving this server full of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ a**holes go get a life and a bi**h on your d**ks
B A B U S H K A : Are you hacking how did you know im there?
ely.tf ★ Egg McNoggins : yes he is using kuntbox ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ely.tf ★ Egg McNoggins : i mean, sure, the kuntbox is literally a kunt clone in a box but whatever
Pootis | xlebyshek : go f**k yourself, NOT me
engineer gaming : kunt,
engineer gaming : stop hacking
Big Gay | Kunt Paul : oh why?
engineer gaming : well best i can do is report
[CALLADMIN] Player pyroM1player reported Kunt Paul for pls kick next update never i will hack you when you dont kick
AxoKnightl : f**k you bi**h ass looking c**t, with your bald ass, no wonder you target people, its bcz u need attention

More to come...
Past usernames:
demo bottleknight
(some other cringe usernames)
コック (cocc in japanese)
lollichop tf2
Paulo Hawkobar
metal fist heavy tf2


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