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This is a simple guide to make good tasting brownies.
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Jingles - The absolute most wonderful person I've ever met. You're kind, funny, and overall just an amazing individual that everyone should treasure dearly. I honestly can't overstate just how much you mean to me and how happy you make me every single day. Never stop being you, you're the absolute best and I love you more than words could ever express ♥

Shippy - One of the most genuine people I know. Your overwhelming desire to help people when they're down and see them better themselves is nothing short of amazing, and your memes never fail to put smiles on our faces. I wish you the best in all that you do.

Ryth - My favorite meme man and mozzarella stick connoisseur, and overall just a really great guy. Hanging out with you is always a riot, whether we're gaming or just messing around and getting into random shenanigans. Keep on doing what you do man, you're awesome!
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NeonHeight's Servers - Public Group
The original servers that started the trade_minecraft_neon map! We run HLDJ enabled Trade servers to hang out in, 24/7.
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❄Jingles❄ Jul 21 @ 8:29pm 
The ULTRA gamer. He'll out gamer us all +rep for being the best
cornman Jun 7 @ 3:51pm 
best friendo to have-o :special:
Swoosh May 29 @ 10:42pm 
❄Jingles❄ May 25 @ 12:18am 
+rep for being the most amazing person anyone can ever meet. A joy to be around and just lightens up your day/week/month/year 💕
Madness May 21 @ 10:28am 
+rep Their Medic looks amazing, while doing their job equally well as they look. Keep being awesome.
Bought my overpriced emoticon.
+vodka since rep is useless around these parts