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SotTR brings up mixed feelings. I go into an area and think I'm sure I've been here before. I'm in the Yaaxil pit and it reminds me of the Geothermal Caverns in Rise of the Tomb Raider. The Mountain Temple reminds me of the Path of the Deathless area in Rise. Maps have been reused and upgraded but a confident gamer knows the tricks. The water-run of Tomb Raider 2013 is repeated as a mudslide run (REALLY devs?). The Yaaxil have the same clicking sound as the clickers in The Last of Us.

(FYI I have played all the Tomb Raider games)

I play on pc.


Lovely scenery and architecture and objects and collectibles

Interesting fmv's and character dialogue

Save system has improved, does not carry Lara back to base camp but often back where you last were

Tombs are hard but a nice change. If only they'd added these particular ones earlier in the trilogy.

Game is clever in using mud to conceal Lara


(VERY glitchy: Lara gets caught on objects, jumps are not guaranteed, rope arrows do not always latch on, W + Multiple Space clambers up walls to ledges often don't execute therefore you think you can't go that way)

Quests are difficult to follow via the map

Can't see missions and map at same time at base camps

Waypoints cannot be used just anywhere, only where the map allows

Not open world, extremely linear

Areas close behind you so you have to go forward

Areas close in front of you during combat but are opened once ALL enemies are dead, so you can't come and go and be clever in combat

Lara is forced to wear certain outfits for certain quests, even though they have no benefits like endurance or protection from damage added

Lots of quest givers look the same

All the boys in Paititi looks the same

Have to stand in front of people to talk to them

If Lara has her back to you, tips are hidden "behind" her so you can't read them

For some of the jumps you're not controlling Lara eg mudslide, the game takes over

Most shootouts feel like a losing battle. If enemies discover you while you’re trying to sneak past them, you’re usually forced to scramble to a new hiding place or die

Lara crouches and gets her knife out when there's nothing threatening around, making her hard to control

No enemies to shoot from a distance even though you can hear them, they don't appear til you get closer

Why doesn't TAB close as well as open the map?

Why F to talk? Why not E which is already "interact"?

Lara repeats herself when in a new area and using Q

The sound of pressing Q every time you want to see objects and waypoints is super annoying

Can't use weapon in tunnels (a repeat of previous games)

Grapple is difficult to master causing Lara to lose the rope and die

Trial of the Serpent "gotta be a way to burn that barrier" but of course Lara can't use her fire arrows!!

Why are throwables found on the fly? I want them in my inventory! Is this so I can't get an advantage in the game, so I can't use my own intelligence as to when it would be a good idea to murder someone with MY well-thought-out plan?


The game is pretentious in a way - you can see the devs' thinking behind events, their making it tougher and frustrating for gamers just to show off their "expertise" eg obstacles, video clips where control is taken away, runs in earthquakes, mud slides, tsunamis - "oh this is a good idea, let's do this even though it's so obvious and contrived'.

I've had to look up, like many others to our frustration, youtube videos on how to solve some tombs.

The game well and truly lags in story midway. I've decided to not buy another TR game until I've well and truly researched it.

I will finish this though. I hope. I have recommended because, well, it is Tomb Raider :D

You? Play it if you're prepared to be bored here and there and find yourself thinking "Is this the Tomb Raider I loved?"
Posted July 1, 2019. Last edited July 1, 2019.
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I loved Fallout 3. I love Fallout 4. To have a character like Nick Valentine with me all-game instead of Dogmeat (sorry mate) with all his quirky comments and philosophical narrative is a bonus in itself.

Anything can happen. You kill a bunch of ghouls in a food mart, walk outside and boom, a behemoth kills you outright. Reload and...run like mad only to find the perfect hidey-hole to kill it outright without detection. Too much like fun fun fun. Check it out here (my gameplay):
Riteasrain Fallout 4 Gameplay PC: Superduper Mart Ghouls

People whinge about characters like Danse and Garvey and the quests they give. I just think it's loads of fun wandering around killing stuff. Too bad about the repitition, that's to be expected to a point. Of course, stealth is involved which for me buying a game is the first thing I consider.

Settlement building becomes a little too much after a while so I don't worry too much if happiness declines. A few water pumps, turrets and generators do the trick, then move on.

I love love love the console (I play on pc), where I can cheat to my heart's content if I get sick of dumping stuff because "you're carrying too much and can't run". And Bethesda, how about just "you're carrying too much to run". And if I run out of ingredients for building, just press "~" and I'm off. Cheating is only for the long-time-in-game though. I have to experience it raw first.

Well worth playing. Don't wait, get it!
Posted February 16, 2017. Last edited February 16, 2017.
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Ah Thief. What nostalgic memories of games gone by. That feeling of lonely vast halls, tall-ceiling buildings, creepy abandoned (really?) houses. Those were the first three games.

This last Thief is nothing like that.

Linear it may be, and frustrating to have to access areas again and again and each time discover those re-spawned npcs. Damn it! And rooms that go nowhere when you're trying to get through to the other side, access points to other parts of the map that let you in but don't let you out so another way has to be found, falling down ladders until you realise on pc it's W+Space. Wha?

But still, I enjoyed the game, it looks good, there's still some strategising and some difficult areas that have to be worked out. Characters don't have much dimension and the game felt short and rushed. But all in all, it was a great Christmas present and from my son at that. It's replayable as well.

Posted February 15, 2017.
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Skyrim is open-world. After completing the main quest there is tons more to do, miles more roaming, many more NPCs to interact with, followers to hire, hundreds of hours more gameplay. There are add-ons - Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn. There is a pull to go back to the game after you think you're done. I've been playing the game since it came out, with a few stops in between, but it keeps drawing me back. The landscape is gorgeous, dungeons inviting, non-player characters interesting, a large variety of apparel and weapons that can be customised and enchanted, and The Music! Jeremy Soule...sigh. And then there's the loot. Then start again as a new character, maybe mage instead of warrior, thief instead of mage. Can't get better than that.

It says "845.5 hours on record" but I've done close to 2000 hours, and counting, with many playthroughs over the years. Very addictive. Well, I AM retired :D
Posted February 14, 2014. Last edited July 18, 2017.
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