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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:26am

Millionaire's Club

Have a budget of over 100 million
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:42am

Practice Makes Perfect!

Finish top in practice
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 3:30am

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Finish a race having used 3 different tyre compound types on one car
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:29am

Relationship Counsellor

Max out the driver/mechanic relationship for both your No. 1 and No. 2 drivers
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 1:44pm

World's Best Boss

Have a driver reach 100% morale
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 3:30am

Chequered Flag

Finish your first race
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:21am

Building a Legend

Create a new team
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 3:30am

Fastest Crew in the World

Do a sub 1.92 second pit stop (must include a tyre change)
Unlocked Aug 5 @ 2:00pm

20/20 Vision

Have a pit crew where each active member has a 20 rating for their job

Top Grid Guru

Start 10 races on pole position in one season

Backmarker to Best

Have a driver win a race after starting last on the grid

Welcome Aboard!

Hire a driver


Fire a driver


Hire a driver with an agreed wage of 20 million a year or more
0 / 20,000,000

Every Dog Has Its Day

Complete the "Underdog Challenge"

Track Literate

Finish a race on every track variation of every track

"In Order to Finish First, You First Have To Finish."

Have a driver win a race


Have one of your drivers win 3 races consecutively

Lap Time Leader

Qualify in pole position 3 times in a row

Hot Lap

Qualify in pole position by over a second

Blue Flag

Win a race by over a minute

"Do You Smell Smoke?"

Have a driver pass the chequered flag in a race with their engine's condition under 5%

So Hot Right Now

Reach 100% Marketability

State of the Art

Fully upgrade your HQ

Drivers Are Overrated

Have a temporary driver get a podium position in a race

Dream Team

Hire a driver and mechanic who have worked together in the past

Time To Shine

Promote a reserve driver

Struck Gold

Scout a 4.5 star (or above) driver

Rising Star

Scout an under-18 driver with 5-star potential

You're Here to Race, Not to Have Fun...

Have a driver reach 1% morale

Democracy Reigns

Win a vote

Friends in High Places

Win a vote with 3 voting power or more


Build a 'Legendary' part

Rattletrap to Pocket Rocket

Fit a car exclusively with 'Legendary' parts

Nothing But The Best

Spend over 30 million on a new season's car

I like it how it is!

Win a championship by going through the whole season without building or upgrading anything in the HQ.

Jet Skis for Everyone!

Sign a sponsorship deal worth over 1 million

I'm Kind of a Big Deal...

Sign a 5-star sponsor

No "I" In Team

Win the Teams' Championship

Pit Wall Wunderkind

Win both the Teams' and Drivers' Championships in one season

"I Like to Race, Not to Do Laps Alone"

Win a 'Driver's Championship'

If It Ain't Broke...

Win a championship by going through the whole season without improving the performance or reliability of any car parts through the Part Improvement screen.

Money's Overrated

Win a championship by going through the whole season without signing any new sponsors.


Complete a Season

"Let's Put it This Way, I Like Number Seven."

Win 7 'Driver's Championships'

"You Can Cut The Tension With a Cricket Stump"

Survived the chairman's ultimatum

Black Flag

Get fired


Get hired

Managerial Mogul

Complete the 'Top Manager' challenge

"Just Leave Me Alone, I Know What I'm Doing"

Have a driver win a race while they have 'Gone Rogue'

It Came Like That!

Have a risky part be discoverd by the GMA

Silva's Legacy

Win the WMC's 'Team' or 'Driver' championship as the race team Silva


Win a 'Driver's Championship' as Predator Team Racing

Former Glory

Win the WMC's 'Team' or 'Driver' championship as Kruger Motorsport

Living Up To Their Namesake

Hire a 5-star designer as Zampelli Engineering

Thorn in My Side

Win the Teams' Championship as Thornton Motorsport

Swing Low...

In the same season, win both the Teams' and Drivers' Championships in WMC as Chariot Motor Group

Ultimate Victory

Win the WMC’s ‘Driver’ and ‘Team’ Championship in the same year with a customly created new team


Win the IGTC’s ‘Driver’ and ‘Team’ Championship in the same year with a customly created new team

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

Have the driver William Evans win a race

Hasty Hunters

Win the ERS ‘Team Championship’ as Predator Team Racing by 2017

Waiting in the Wings

Win the WMC’s ‘Team Championship’ by the end of the 2018 season as Kitano Sport

Once a King, Always a King

Have the driver Rafael Rodrigues win the 2016 IGTC ‘Driver’s Championship’ as Oranje GT


Successfully complete your first challenge


Complete all challenges in the 'Rookie' Tier


Complete all challenges in the 'Pro' Tier


Complete all challenges in the 'All-Star' Tier

Endurance Champion

Win the IEC-A

There's Always Time

Win an endurance race after being at least 120 seconds behind the leader in IEC-A

Highway to the Danger Zone

Finish a race with a driver in the danger zone

Rising Tigers

Get promoted to the IEC-A as the Sangju Tigers

Dynamic Duo

Win an endurance racing with only 2 drivers having driven

Jack of All Trades

Win the IEC-A championship with each of the three ERS types