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Jun 22 @ 3:49pm
In topic Download at 0 kb/s
This is normal, i just reinstalled the game yesterday and experienced the same issue too.
Just wait it out and it will download normally.
Jun 19 @ 9:44pm
In topic The story is pretty crazy...
hey OP pls rename to MikeTheSnowflake. tnx.
Jun 17 @ 1:57am
In topic The planes make me crazy
uhh. if you can't beat them, join them :)
Jun 10 @ 6:27pm
In topic "Optimization invasion" Instead?
you need a 50 core processor to run this game smoothly trust me.

I tested doing missions (repo/heist) for 5hours straight. I have a fully upgraded cocaine lockup and the supplies were still at full bar and zero progress on products made after 5hours of doing missions. I made sure my supplies were full bar before i started doing missions for 5hours straight. Am i bugged?

My cocaine lockup only makes products and consumes supplies when i stay on free roam mode.
May 20 @ 10:25am
In topic Why we should support this one?
Alright i get it now, you are helping in improving the development of this game.
Everything is clear to me now, just gonna end this here.
May 20 @ 9:45am
In topic Why we should support this one?
i understand now coz being solo player doesnt really involve heavy pvp since you just hide most of the time :)

TLDR: puzzy
May 20 @ 9:24am
In topic Why we should support this one?
last time i played this game i can't even be bothered to reply to threads due to heavy pvp, does it mean the game is just plain dead right now since you still have the time to reply to threads.
May 20 @ 9:20am
In topic Why we should support this one?
If you really like the game why do you spend most of your time replying to threads instead of actually playing the game? :thinking:
became a ninja hide into the shadows
After completing the 5th drop off the game freezes and would crash.
How did you guys fix this?
May 18 @ 9:23am
In topic This game lacks purpose
you camp new players outside starting zones and brag that you are the best pvp player that ever lived. thats the real purpose of playing this game.
i suggest banging head to the wall 100x, maybe some broken gear inside the brain would start spinning again.
May 17 @ 2:08am
In topic MC Business question
im gonna test again later if the production actually stops when doing missions.
i'm gonna do 5hours straight missions without going to free roam.
May 16 @ 3:58pm
In topic MC Business question
I currently own a cocaine lab that's fully upgraded.
Do i need to stay on free roam public lobby to make products?
I tried doing repo missions for 3 hours but my product bar never changed.
May 16 @ 2:45am
In topic Before You Buy:
May 15 @ 1:37pm
In topic infinite loading after choosing a name
thanks for the response. I really hope this gets fixed, because alot of players will be annoyed waiting for 10 - 15mins to start a match just to get an infinite loading error.
May 15 @ 1:34pm
In topic Why remove the comma tho?
if same publisher why remove the comma tho? that's why question :)
May 15 @ 11:57am
In topic Why remove the comma tho?
Are you guys trying to hide the first Nether game that failed?

Nether Productions LLC:

Nether Productions, LLC:

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