Tiago   Porto, Portugal
Yes, I was the one that drew my profile picture.
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If you checked my profile, you either wanna know shit about me or you're getting ready for the gud old flame, so let's clear some things out.
I'm easy going and play for fun (within the limits) but please don't try to flame me or shittalk, i'll have to start being passive aggressive and try to tilt you.
I can be one of the best people you can play with, or one of the most toxic, it really depends if you got on my nerves.

We're gucci unless shit goes really bad between you and me, this is a social network, i'm not here to be mad at random strangers lel.

Also if i randomly said some stupid shit or insults in a public game outta nowhere, it's my "fun and troll" side kicking in, don't take it personally and just laugh it off (I NEVER insult anyone for real unless i have been seriously provoked).
My "hate speech" is mostly satire and generalizations from what i see in communities like l4d2 and league of legends, i'm damn aware people are not all the same (but please stop following the toxicity stereotypes you french, spanish, russian and EVEN portuguese people).

Read below if you want to go into detail about knowing me, or drop the shyness and add me, i don't bite (i think).

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RhinoW The Warlord
About me...
:diaxe: Hello and welcome to my profile! :diaxe:

Who are you?
(for the curious ones)

My last description was cringy af so here it is:
I'm 17 years old, apache helicopter, straight, single af, loves videogames, music, dark humour, memes , drawing, working out and i have a soft spot for anything related to modding.
I'm also an art student who wants to work in the gaming industry as a 3d modeler, concept artist and perhaps voice actor!
If we have anything in common we're gonna get along pretty well, if we don't, well i guess if you're nice we can still get along :D

The only social media that's worthy enough:
Instagram [www.instagram.com]

Let's go deeper shall we?
Music taste : Mainly metal (not gonna name all the sub genres) and eletronic music (same thing), but i also listen to anything that sounds good.

Favourite bands for those who give a shit:
You're a curious one, my favourite bands/artists are Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slipknot/Anything Corey Taylor does, Marilyn Manson, Avatar, System of a Down and Varien (there's many more but mainly these ones)

Hobbies/Sports : Drawing | Procrastinating | Working out | Gaming | Doing random shit with 3d programs hoping it'll be useful for my knowledge | Practicing Karate-do Shotokai (brown belt).

Favourite game? Hmmm, i don't have only 1 but let's say Fallout 4 (i have like 500hrs on ps4) and the Monster Hunter franchise (MHFU gave me PTSD).

That's all folks! If you wanna know more just ask me, i'm always up for a chat.

Yes rhino the warframe was the whole reason behind my name because rhino is a badass. But now it kinda became my alter ego i guess... and a fictional character? (no cringy shit involved). PS: I will probably be some furry's wet dream.

Can i trade with you?
Im done with trading but yeah sure...

My set for those who wanna know

Intel Core i5 8600k (3.6ghz)
Cooler CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212X
Motherboard MSI Z370-A PRO
G.Skill 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz Aegis
Power supply EVGA Modular SuperNova 650W 80+ Gold
ATX Nox Hummer ZS Zero Edition

Monitor: Asus 24'' VX248H 1ms
Keyboard: Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M RGB MX Brown
Headset: Logitech G231 Prodigy
Mouse: Auroza E-Blue

Hall of Retardation (shittalking compilation)


This dumbass kicked me when i said he was the owner of the server (normal campaign) and was trolling people with commands. Community these days...

R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : being better 3 times than u is priceless
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : )
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : u angry?
RhinoWarLord : ok ur better than me
RhinoWarLord : now what?
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : lol u noob
RhinoWarLord : and?
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : u sad
RhinoWarLord : what's the point here lad?
RhinoWarLord : im sad?
RhinoWarLord : ayy
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : playing a game tryharding
RhinoWarLord : wut
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : when u are utter shit
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : ahahah
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : u mad?
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : angry?
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : pleb :)
RhinoWarLord : the things you say just dont add up m8
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : lol hes angry af
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : this kid
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : ahahah
R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ : rekt

Predguitar : RETARDS
Player Predguitar left the game

I drive an Autism : gg nerds
RhinoWarLord : YEA
I drive an Autism : ;D
Player I drive an Autism left the game

Tiigrikutsu : she is swedish waht do you expect
Tiigrikutsu : they are all mentally retarded

(Infected) Gecco : u fucking suck fuck u
Player Gecco left the game

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portuguese beeyatch
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R℈Ṭ∀Rↁ how about you grow some balls and meet new people? I can't stand seeing you crying in my friend's comments and being a total ♥♥♥♥ing loser.
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It's amuzing watching apes trying to learn basic communication