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"Sick fans in Celtic shirts taunted Jews with Nazi salutes before a Republic of Ireland World Cup qualifier. Israel fans were also subjected to chants of 'Sieg heil' as they made their way through Dublin for the match..." Of course, Celtic chose not to comment on this disgraceful and racist behaviour. Scum is as scum does.


fletchbhoy: "SEIG HEIL !! "

Just another racist, nazi-sympathising Celtic supporter who hasn't even bothered to get the spelling right.

celticonor92: "Big Jock knew how to navigate a staircase. Lets eradicate more bigotry and have another ibrox 'disaster'"

volound: "In 1971 there was no fun bein a hun,
they went to Ibrox Park and thought they would go home.
They thought they would go home, they thought they would go home
66 fell down stairs and they didnt go home.

You killed your own fans, you's killed yourr own fans at the Ibrox disaster you killed your own fans. "

Vile Celtic SCUM mocking the death of 66 people! You depraved nationalist cunts!

IcyIce17: "[...] the 'RA should bomb the whole motherfuckin empire .. like we did in ww2!!! =D

UP THE 'RA!!!!

♣Éirinn go brách♣

support and regards from germany!"

Another nazi Celtic supporter.

seanckelleher: "british protestant smelly bastards fuck ye all? nd burn in hell,ye good for nottin cunts.fuck the queen nd d orange order we're the boys from the south of the border.Tiocfaidh ár lá"

Bigoted terrorist supporter.

oranbhoy67: "im in Ireland chrome dome,,did u order pizza? ding dong BANG! BANG! "

R.I.P. Stephen Carroll, Cengiz 'Patrick' Azimkar & Mark Quincey. That's all I have to say about that comment.

eirebhoy132: "nice to see loyalist play fields of athenry

and ino i was such a day rangers lost :D

fucking trampy bastards go back home to england you's scummy tramps


It's not 'Fields of Athenry', you dumb, bigoted arsehole, it's 'Father's advice'. And did Celtic make it to the UEFA Cup Final in 2008? No, they didn't, so yeah, it was a good day, no Tims in Europe... Seeing as Rangers are Scottish it's sort of difficult for them to go back home to England, isn't it?
R.I.R.A. - Real IRA
C.I.R.A. - Continuity IRA
T.A.L. - Tiocfaidh ár lá (IRA slogan meaning 'Our day will come')
FTQ - Fuck the Queen
K.A.H. - Kill all Huns ('Huns' is a derogatory term for Protestants, ergo Kill all Protestants)

Fuck Bobby Sands, he's dead!
FTRA - Fuck the IRA
FTP - Fuck the Provos or Fuck the Paedos
FTT - Fuck the Tims
GSTQ - God Save the Queen
GBTP - God Bless the Pope

There were roses - An anti-sectarian song.
Proof that Scottish referees are Tims.
Glasgow Rangers Champions!
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Hello Hello :)
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eDge har inte sett dig på ett dag, var har du hållit hus? :)
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eh .. what team did you support the other night ? malmo or rangers ?