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Personal Achievements

Canada: Cartographer

Explore all of the map and find all of the respawn points in Canada.

Canada: Spawn Camper

Find all Respawns in Canada

Historian: Canada

Find and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Canada.

Canada: Explorer

Explore all Canadian neighborhoods

Desert: Cartographer

Find all neighborhoods and respawn points in the desert.

Desert: Spawn Camper

Find all Respawns in the Desert

Historian: Desert

Research the history of notable Desert sites.

Desert: Explorer

Explore all Desert neighborhoods


Defeat 5000 Aquatic Lemurians


Defeat 5000 Argent

Mech Warrior

Defeat 5000 Bureau 17 Robots

Bleak Minion Triumph

Defeat 5000 Bleak Minions


Defeat 5000 Burnside Ghosts

Park Ranger

Defeat 5000 Contaminated Wildlife


Defeat 5000 Cowboy Robots


Defeat 5000 Cult of the Red Banner


Defeat 5000 Demon


Defeat 5000 Demons

Destroid Triumph

Defeat 5000 Destroids

Dean of Wormers

Defeat 5000 Elder Worms

Empyrean Construct Triumph

Defeat 5000 Empyrean Constructs


Defeat 5000 Escaped Prisoners

Ghost Buster

Defeat 5000 Evil Spirits

Towering Inferno

Defeat 5000 Fire Demons

Exploding Cigar

Defeat 5000 FoxBattle Bots

Toad Warrior

Defeat 5000 Gadroons


Defeat 5000 Black Ace Gang Members

Easy Rider

Defeat 5000 Cobra Lord Gang Members

Psych Ward

Defeat 5000 Maniac Gang Members

Purple Haze

Defeat 5000 New Purple Gang Members

Great Demon Triumph

Defeat 5000 Great Demon Minions


Defeat 5000 Hunter-Patriots


Defeat 5000 Irradiates


Defeat 5000 Karkaradon


Defeat 5000 Lemurians

Lemurian Sub Triumph

Defeat 50 Lemurian Submarines

Manimal Triumph

Defeat 5000 Man Animal Hybrids

Hatchling Triumph

Defeat 5000 Teleiosaurus Hatchlings

Netherdemon Triumph

Defeat 5000 Nether Demons

Demolition Man

Destroy 25000 Objects

Pet Cemetary

Defeat 5000 Pets


Defeat 5000 Pirate Ghosts


Defeat 5000 Prisoners

Prison Guard Triumph

Defeat 5000 Prison Guards


Defeat 5000 PSI


Defeat 5000 Qularr

Urban Legend

Defeat 5000 Corrupted Bigfoot

Captain Ahab

Defeat 5000 Sea Creatures

Dead Ringer

Defeat 5000 Teleioclones

Snake Charmer

Defeat 5000 Viper

Lemuria: Cartographer

Enter all neighborhoods and find all respawn points in Lemuria.

Lemuria: Spawn Camper

Discover all Respawn Points in Lemuria

Historian: Lemuria

Research the history of notable Lemurian sites.

Lemuria: Explorer

Explore all Lemuria neighborhoods

Millennium CIty: Cartographer

Explore all neighborhoods and find all the respawn points in Millennium City

Historian: Millennium City

Research the history of notable Millennium City sites

Millennium City: Spawn Camper

Find all Respawns Points in Millennium City

Millennium City: Explorer

Explore all neighborhoods in Millennium City

Monster Island: Cartographer

Clear all of the map and find all respawn points on Monster Island.

Monster Island: Spawn Camper

Find all Respawns in Monster Island

Historian: Monster Island

Find and investigate the historical objects in each neighborhood of Monster Island.

Monster Island: Explorer

Explore all Monster Island Neighborhoods


Defeat 1000 Alien Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Convicts Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Cowboy Nemesis Minions

The Exorcist

Defeat 1000 Demon Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Infernal Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Insectoid Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Lizardmen Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Ninja Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Pirate Nemesis Minions

End of Line

Defeat 1000 Robot Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Soldier Nemesis Minions


Defeat 1000 Thug Nemesis Minions

Van Helsing

Defeat 1000 Undead Nemesis Minions

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