hideo 'kojima
United States
I like Video games.

Games I've beaten in 2014.
In order.
(PS3) Batman Arkham Asylum 1/2
(PS3) Infamous [Evil playthrough] 1/5
(PS3) Infamous 2 [Evil Playthrough] 1/17
(PS3) God of War:CoW 1/20
(PS3) God of War:GoS 3/2
Thirty Flights of Loving
South Park Stick of Truth
(PS2) Persona 3 FES the Journey [on PS3]
The Walking Dead Season 2
X-Com Enemy Unknown 9/6

Games I've beaten in 2015.
(PS3) Infamous 2 [Good playthrough]
(PS2) Persona 3 FES the Answer [on PS3]
MGSV PP (also rebeat MGSVGZ)
Hitman 2
COD BLOPS 3 zombie full easter egg

Games I've beaten in 2016.
Week 1) Naruto UNS 3
Week 2) The Stanley Parable
Week 3) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Jetstream DLC, Portal 2 co-op (ps3)
Week 4) Call of Duty: Black Ops II story
Week 5) "The Division beta"
Week 6) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Blade Wolf DLC
Week 7) Infamous Festival of Blood (PS3)
Week 8) Naruto UNS 3 full burst DLC
Week 9) Devil May Cry 1 (PS3)
Week 10) **Watched Saints Row 1 story** (cop out)
Week 11) Among the Sleep
Week 12) Saints Row 2 (PS3)
Week 13) "The Culling" (cop out)
Week 14) "Killer Instinct" (cop out)
Week 15) Hitman: Contracts
Week 16) 'DOOM BETA; BATTLEBORN BETA; R6 Siege free weekend'
Week 17) Nothing atall. Shame on me.
Week 18) Game Dev Tycoon
Week 19) R&C A41 (PS3)
Week 20) ...
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