sheath ♥ sniffer
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read the infobox and dont fucking add me for erp/rp

my discord: Pupcake#1982
my twitter: ask for it

i gift games sometimes, not often, i barely use steam anymore in comparison to discord for chatting, however i'll probably respond if you send a message.

i don't erp/rp, barely any of the groups im in mean anything, don't take them as pointers for things i like or believe in.
Currently Online
im very gay
Call me by whatever pronouns or name you want, I don't really care, "pupcake" is the easiest one to go by I guess. only add if you wanna talk or gift me items in games lol. I unironically say yeehaw.

I don't stream, nor do I have a youtube channel, as mentioned I do have a discord and twitter tho, I won't really be pals if you constantly berate and get angry at others, especially in online games. That stuff's pathetic tbh.

Add me if you want, I generally don't mind it, but please don't add me to trade or sell something, I don't want it. I also don't tend to start a whole lot of conversations, don't expect me to talk daily solely to you either.

We can play some games every so often tho if you want! Just message me on disc/steam and I'll see if we can.


*DEAD* cock ♥ holster : - ̮ ̮-
*DEAD* moonchild : why am i not surprised the sylveon avatar is a huge faggy slut
*DEAD* moonchild : it's a common theme
moonchild : i could write a thesis paper on it

Geistly : can I yiff you
cock ♥ holster : yeah

*DEAD* YIFFLORD420 : stop making me horny

YIFFLORD420 : hey geistly if we run a train on cock holster u want the caboose or the conducters chair

★彡 ❤neko❤彡★ : fuck me in the ass you dumb bitch

Zolty Delphox : Paw, you gave me a hard boner when you said that bind.

Propane Filled Urethra : paw you actually a brony though? or just ironically?

*DEAD* Zolty Delphox : We need more people like paw.
L e s s e r B e i n g. : yeah
*DEAD* Zolty Delphox : Gay people who are really fucking good at tf2.
*DEAD* Zolty Delphox : Paw, we need more people like you.
Zolty Delphox : Non-toxic tf2 players.

Queazy : sapping that shit is impossible
Queazy : good job sheath

NEON カバと : sniff my musky sheath :3c

xzx_pussie-69-deztroyer[mlg]_xz : dominate me daddy~

*DEAD* sheath ♥ sniffer : I have the fattest furry ass on the server
*DEAD* I want to die : I'd eat your ass
(Voice) Goo-a-Boo: Thanks!
sheath ♥ sniffer : thanks

Kassiewary : sheath sniffer, I know you're meming but like ya got any of that good gay shit
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royal Apr 18 @ 10:20pm 
never talks me anymore please talk to me again im lonely.
Static Apr 14 @ 2:31pm 
Major league thot
Kassiewary Apr 12 @ 8:52pm 
[Leg Hunter] Thrussy Apr 12 @ 7:25am 
:_^) I love your kinky-ass name, but the kicking hurt me.

These thots got me wildin'
Zolty Delphox Apr 1 @ 6:01am 
Happy Easter
Biscuit Apr 1 @ 3:20am 
Happy easter cutie one~<3