Lord Kelvin
Arizona, United States
Official Team Fortress Wiki staff member and all-around metal waster. If it crafts, I've probably already eaten it.
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Mustaine 29 MAR 2015 a las 10:54 
+rep good trader, nice person
CaptaineVenom 30 ENE 2015 a las 13:39 
+rep honest, quick trader!
Benjamoose 19 DIC 2014 a las 18:08 
Thanks man :D!
Esky 29 OCT 2014 a las 0:28 
-rep; provides weapons that I do not have in my Backpack and declines compensation :(.
Strahinja 19 OCT 2014 a las 7:31 
Rap + best trader ever :3

Benjamoose 21 JUN 2014 a las 4:28 
Thanks man! I've been meaning to get into this game. This was an extremely pleasant surprise this morning. Thanks again : D!