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mountain 7 hours ago 
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scratta Mar 4 @ 9:11am 
Hello tsun, I’m an agent working with the virtual porn company MeatLoafUncut.I regret to inform you that we do no do giveaways of excess “man milkies” and therefore cannot fulfill your request. However, your application to be featured in our upcoming cross-species special involving a grizzly bear is still pending and I will review it personally to give you the best chance of success. Hope to see you on set soon.
Best regards,
Scratta, esq.
cxmfy Mar 2 @ 6:13pm 
hello! sorry for scare, but just notice profile on the Steam Community. you know how hard it are to find submissive gay men who play video game nowadays??? well, Im glad I stumble apon this little prof cause I gotta say.... ur prety cute!! ^^ ((sorry for scare, no trouble ) well... I was wondering if u wanted to play cs:go with me (Im a global elite, so I can carry my littleprince if need. =-}) CUZ I really want someone to pub wit me.. hey hey, maybe even I could get you knife as little gift. you like Tiger Tooth? Me too, me too. anyways any, do you maybe have Skype? (no scare. no scare, I iust like meating eye to eye.) if we skype, I think we could have some good buddy commucation. :)) ( i can even turn down my dubstep music in the background if you want...) add me if you want please, I jsit need friend maybe even boyfriend, to play video with.m I can be the perfect guy for you, trust!! ill buy whatever, do whatever, okay?? jsit pick up that phone and CALL. :)
salv Mar 2 @ 6:03pm 
Please stop messaging me. I am not "trap" (im a girl) and even though it is cool that you are gay because it's 2019 i dont appreciate you sending me links to pictures of your schnitzel. I do not have AIDS and thus am incapable of "pozzing your hole" (i dont even have a schnitzel). If you are reading this know that this guy is a fat creep and is only looking for salami and has an unhealthy obsession with "traps". There ARE girl gamers. WE DO EXIST and not every girl on the internet is some mentally ill dude pretending to be a girl. I reported you to steam btw.
run baby run, don't ever look back