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Riggs Nov 30 @ 8:40am 
I quite love the lerping, which actually got me into wanting to use this. But I'll see what I can do, thanks for letting me know.
relaxtakenotes Nov 30 @ 8:25am 
oh and if you're using this for a server you may want to consider the fact that the bmfraction variable probably lets people speedhack and gain twice as much speed as they should have. it's there in order to have properly lerped speed from running to walking, but if you have a better solution or don't really care about such a small detail - you can remove it
relaxtakenotes Nov 30 @ 8:13am 
you need to code a bit for that. add additional convars for different teams and then when setting the run, walk and slowwalk speeds, use the team based convars instead
Riggs Nov 30 @ 6:59am 
Got a question for Better Movement V2. Is there a way to modify the maximum speed for different teams? Sort of like a developer thing so servers can modify the max speed for different yknow teams or equipables of some sorts.
relaxtakenotes Nov 29 @ 10:07pm 
it doesn't
HexStrain Nov 29 @ 12:40pm 
Suppression (Revisioned) - Calls "EntityFireBullets" hook, can cause SNPCs to shoot in the wrong direction
Can you add support for VJBase,
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