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Posted: Mar 31, 2014 @ 2:15am
Updated: Mar 31, 2014 @ 2:18am

I'm not going to pretend it's the best game in the world. It has it share of flaws. But if I look at it as a whole, the experience is very much unforgettable. Got the game as a gift and I'm happy that I did. The graphics are powered by Unreal Engine 3 so no surprises there. They've utilized it with excellence as they made the Neo Paris an architectural treat. They also made Nilin very well. She looks cute and sexy and I especially loved how they made her hair and dress dynamic during movement. It feels so natural and realistic. Loved that. Movement is very fluid and when you start jumping around the city, it all feels natural and smooth. Combat system, while it might not be the most sophisticated, I found it interesting and the way how they utilized it within the game turned the game into a very different experience than we are used to most of the time (3rd person shooters everywhere). And Combo lab, while initially very confusing to understand, once I got the hang of it, it was actually a refreshing element in the game. You can design your own fight combos, combining damage, healing, power-up cooldown speedup and chaining of hits. They can be offensive, defensive, passive or a mix of them. Which brings me to many bosses throughout the game. They weren't particularly hard to beat, but they were enough of a challenge and apart from very first ones, they all required a bit of thinking as they don't go down just by hitting them hard. I also love it how they give you chance to re-start the boss takedown sequence if you missed the right keys. It's not an instant fail and repeating of the whole boss fight, you just have to restart a segment of it. It's challenging, but also forgiving at the same time, making it a boss fight that isn't a frustrating one, like in so many other games. Loved that and thumbs up to the dev team for doing it. And just like boss fights, entire game is filled with tiny puzzles and riddles to flex your brain a bit. And last, a story, while it might not win the Oscar, it was in a way quite emotional experience with the memory remixing segments in place and backed up with fantastic music that almost brought a tears in my eyes in certain moments...

Remember Me, I will remember you. Forever.
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