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I could get Persona 4 and 5 on PS4, or I could just emulate both games on PC. But I'm not doing any of this because I'm 100% sure they will be officially released on PC someday.
Jul 15 @ 2:56pm
In topic Controller support?
I use Controller Companion to play from the couch. Works great.
Jul 15 @ 2:54pm
In topic What did you name your horse?
Jul 5 @ 3:46pm
In topic SEGA WTF
Yes, fix regional prices, please! I can almost buy Yazuka 0 twice with the price they are asking for this 30 FPS remaster.
Jun 30 @ 3:17pm
In topic How to disable xinput in UWP apps?
Damn!!! The lastest Windows 10 update renders the Controller Companion useless.
Jun 27 @ 4:23pm
In topic still cant find a game 4 months later :)
It's almost impossible to find matches in South America. The bots can't come soon enough....
Jun 17 @ 7:23am
In topic Bring Back Regional Pricing
The game is too expensive in Brazil as well. Unfortunatelly I'll have to find a grey market reseller for this one.
Jun 13 @ 8:34am
In topic SEGA gives up on Regional Pricing
It's ridiculous. I can buy the 3 Tales games on Steam with the price Sega is asking for in Brazil. I'd love to give Sega my support, but I won't pay more than a AAA launch price for a PS3 remaster.
Jun 12 @ 12:47am
In topic PC peasants are still screwed.
These Sony fanboys are pathetic. But I understand they have to vent a little after loosing exclusives to PC and after that weak E3 press conference.

They try to boast about exclusives and don't realize that most PC gamers also own at least one console and will be playing all games the best way possible.

Pathetic, just pathetic. :Owl:
May 26 @ 11:18am
In topic SEGA gives up on Regional Pricing
I'd love to buy the game and support SEGA, but I won't pay the price of almost 2 AAA games on a remastered jRPG.

Regional prices, please!
May 23 @ 5:18pm
In topic SEGA gives up on Regional Pricing
The brazilian price is outragerous! I can buy almost 2 AAA games with that price!
May 18 @ 4:47pm
In topic Is there a boost start?
Just hit the gas right after the 1 gets out of the screen.
It's a very good PC port. Runs beautifully at 4K 60 FPS. Looks really good too.
May 13 @ 6:49am
In topic Portuguese translation BUG
A tradução no geral ficou excelente, mas infelizmente existem alguns problemas. Acho que os responsáveis não tiveram tempo para revisar o texto antes do lançamento. Um jogo deste tamanho não deve ser fácil.

Espero que corrijam futuramente.
May 4 @ 6:06pm
In topic SC - DirectX9 Issues/Bugs
Also, MSAA doesn't work in DX9 mode.

edit: Nevermind... I managed to enable SGSSAA and HBAO+ through Nvidia Inspector.
May 4 @ 6:05pm
In topic SC - DirectX9 Issues/Bugs
The game always crashes when I try to read the second ghost quest entry in the journal during the university investigation when playing at the 4K resolution. Turning the resolution down solves the problem.
Apr 21 @ 8:34am
In topic [EN] Bug Reports and Feature Requests
Feature request: make it possible to choose unfiltered HUD and menus. Make it upscale with nearest neighbour technique. I prefer a pixelated look over a smeared one.
Apr 21 @ 8:27am
In topic wow, NISA has rolled 3 patched already?
The week is gone and I still have the same issues. It will take months until NISA fix this game properly. I'm refunding it for now. One day I might Ys VIII on sale.
Apr 20 @ 4:14pm
In topic Should Falcom returns to PC?
I'd love that, but you know that japanese developers thinks backwards. For some reason they prefer selling 50k copies in Japan than 500k copies worldwide.
Apr 19 @ 7:11pm
In topic Xbox vs PC
The Xbox One X version is just the original Xbox version running at 4K and 50-60 FPS. It doesn't even support widescreen. The vanilla PC version is leagues ahead, and with mods it's just another game.
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