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Posted: Jun 13 @ 12:41am

The first time you open this game, you're absolutely enamored by the cute dogs. Petting them, playing fetch, feeding them, giving them baths. It's all great. Then it gives you cats! And watching them chase laserbeams like idiots is pretty fun. And then you send them to their forever homes and its all good.

And then you do it again. And again. And again. Until you realize that this is the whole game.

For a simulator game, its stales out so fast. And I mean, simulator games maybe have a tendency to do that, but in other simulators, at least there's some element that scales with you. It may be a more difficult job, or adding new elements to keep gameplay exciting. In this game, there's nothing. It doesnt take more than 2 hours to find out that this isn't animal paradise, its purgatory, and there's no escape.

Don't be fooled by its premise. It was fun while it lasted, but now I regret buying this game altogether.
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Developer response:
Animal Shelter Team  [developer] Posted: Jun 13 @ 3:30am
Thank you for a great feedback and for giving our game a try :)
We understand what you are saying and are working on adding more content to the game
Hope you will try it again in the near future :)
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