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Personal Achievements

Win Night

Win a game

High five

Win 5 games

It's a ten

Win 10 games

Play more

Win 20 games

Fifty nifty

Win 50 games


Win 100 games


Win 5 games as an agent

While you hack

Win 10 games as an agent

Write privileges granted

Win 20 games as an agent

Admin manager

Win 50 games as an agent

Epic admin lord

Win 100 games as an agent


Win 5 games as a hacker

Drop Line

Win 10 games as a hacker

Line Code

Win 20 games as a hacker

City Breach

Win 50 games as a hacker


Win 100 games as a hacker

Don't stop now!

Win 2 games in a row


Win 3 games in a row

Oh yea!

Win 5 games in a row


Win 7 games in a row


Win 10 games in a row

Flawless victory

Win a game without losing a mission

Didn't see what hit 'em

Win a game as a hacker in the first 3 missions

Team player

Take part in all the missions of a game


Be voted for all the missions of the game

Not on my watch

Agents win without the hackers taking part in any mission


Write 5000 words


Write 10000 words


Win as an agent in the last mission with a double fail in the missions before

I know i can trust you...

Win the game with the last possible mission

Divide and conquer

Win as a hacker by reaching 5 node teams rejected

Finally, we caught em

Win as an agent in the last voting round (before losing by skip)

I dont even need to hack you...

Win as a hacker, but without hacking


Win a game without saying a word


Win a game by accepting all teams

Passive Play

Win a game by not going on a single mission

Everyone Loves You

Win a game by going on all 5 missions

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