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[h1] About the mod: [/h1]
Welcome to Paradox Country.

A mod that adds Paradox Interactive and its crew as a whole self-standing country on the island Gotland.

Take over Sweden, or ally them.
Take over the world or aid one of the existing facti
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Created by - Redmiles The Shark
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Owner of a Steam Link and Steam Controller. Have questions? Ask them. :)

PC specs:
Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F Gaming
CPU: Intel i7-8700K
CPU Cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 with MX4 thermal paste
RAM: DDR4 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666Mhz
PSU: Be Quiet! Power Zone 750W
Storage: 1x Samsung M.2 960EVO 250GB, 1x WD Black 4TB, 1x WD Black 1TB, 1x Samsung SATA 850EVO 250GB
Case: Be Quiet! SILENT BASE 800 Window
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Dutch


Everything down below will not be written 100% English is my second language. Just so you know . :)

About me:
I'm an 21 year old person . With a love for anything that has to do with computers and technology. I even made it my education and work.
I got multiple certificates, if you want to know more about that just ask me. :)
I got diagnosed with autism, to be more clear: PDD-NOS. But aside that I behave like a normal human being, it's not that I'm an crazy idiot with the a mental age of a 4 year old.

My interests are:
- Lapfox Trax's music: Website of Lapfox Trax - Halley Labs [] , My collection []
- Gaming
- Computers/technology
- Lego
- philosophy (Chatting about random stuff that makes me or you think about. I'd like to do that on a daily basis)
- Gas masks, yes I do collect gas masks Here's a link to a wikia with my profile and collection [] .
- Military stuff (Preferably cold war era)
- Classic cars and old timers
- Sharks


Rules of ME adding you:
Feel free to add me, but I do not accept you when one or more of the following applies:
- Your Steam profile is level 0
- Your Steam profile is invisible
- You do not have sufficient games I can play with you

(The following ones don't always apply)
- You add me but I do not know you from anything
- You and I don't share any mutual friends and/or groups.

So as I said before: FEEL FREE TO ADD ME*

*You'll get a ticket to the remove from friends train if:
- You lack any understanding of basic, social communication.
- You lack litteracy to a basic degree.
- You're a underage kid who thinks the whole world turns around him/her.
- Someone who expects me to talk to you everyday, all day.

Interactions you can do with me: No, No physical interactions. D: I know, I wish we could. ;)
- Playing games with me.
- Or pressing the remove friend button after you added me because that's also an interactive part of my Steam Profile. :(


Warning the following link contains explicit content, I'm not responsible for you clicking it. I WARNED YOU!
My furaffinity. []
Redmiles The Shark Apr 6 @ 5:26am 
I guess. If that harassing others is what makes you happy, go ahead.
Dishonoredkiller Apr 6 @ 4:59am 
-Rep Infected with stage 5 furfag hazard.
Crez -[AJB]- (Zzz) Mar 12 @ 5:26am 
You seem familiar >w>
Alexander Mar 1 @ 6:14am 
Adding because we have some interests in common and well you just seem like someone to have a nice conversation with x3
TNorwegianbeast Jan 28 @ 9:58am 
Hey, im making this mod, and i want to use your mod "Dutch Division Voices" for my mod
BatsyBoi Jan 26 @ 12:15pm 
Hey, ik wilde iets vragen over jouw mod