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                                           тнє gαмє σƒ ρυяє ℓσνє ιѕ α gαмє σƒ ¢яιмє      
                                                             (gαмє σƒ ρυяє ℓσνє)
                                           тнє ∂єνιℓ ηєνєя ℓσѕєѕ тнє gαмє σƒ ρυяє ℓσνє   
                                                             (gαмє σƒ ρυяє ℓσνє)
                                           тнє gαмє σƒ ρυяє ℓσνє ιѕ α gαмє σƒ ¢яιмє       
                                                             (gαмє σƒ ρυяє ℓσνє)     
                                           тнє ∂єνιℓ ηєνєя ℓσѕєѕ тнє gαмє σƒ ρυяє ℓσνє 

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Want to trade? You can:
- Add me as a Friend on Steam (Leave me a comment below on why you're adding me)
- Send me a trade offer giving EXACTLY from what I'm asking!

- Check out my Price List!
Only accepting TF2 / CS:GO Keys at the moment!

---> NOTE: Most of the times I'm not here due to business practices and real world stuff related, in addition of hanging out with real-life friends. If Steam says I'm playing, probably idling but message me anyways if you want to, I'll read it later. <---

Exchanging Steam Trading cards each for 1:2
You receive 1 card in exchange for 2 of yours
Also trading foils for normal cards most 1:5, may vary depending which foil

SteamTrades Rep: http://www.steamtrades.com/user/RedFrix0075
Bazaar.tf Rep: http://bazaar.tf/thread/4291
SourceOP Rep: http://forums.sourceop.com/showthread.php?t=161541

How to know you're dealing with me
- Steam Profile with level 60 (or more :D)
- More than 1000 games on my profile
- You're reading this on a fancy profile!
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This guide will show you how to beat Chapter 2 with both Jack and Burden alive, unfortunately this will not get you any of the achievements but at least beat the chapter which as far as I know most aren't able to complete it.
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5.6 hrs on record
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I like otaku's, i don't wanna trade, just wanna be your friend, i like your profile, it's intresting and awesome.
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Have you ever heard this story? One day a traveler was going to find something, his teacher told him: "Never go out of the way that you chose. If you ever come down with it, you'll never find what you're looking for. "But unfortunately, the traveler lost his way. Lost confidence, he lowered his head ... But when he raised his head again, before his eyes was a wonderful world, which was much better than what he was looking for. It's a story about things that you will not find until you make a mistake.
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