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Elder scrolls online is all I care about...
okies. lies. I also care about...corpse party ♥♥♥ amnesia ♥♥♥ sims ♥♥♥ destiny ♥♥♥ anthem ♥♥♥ & more....♥♥♥

But do NOT buy/play from steam..... ;-; this goes for likeeeee. any game that has it's own launcher - or any mmo!

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My first ever mmo set in a world that I have loved ever since I was a child. ESO.
To show how much I love it, I was once playing the game on console and got to max level (810). I moved over to PC and am already at 700+

+very noob friendly. the game is really easy. with only trials and vet dungeons being the hard parts.
+fun to play with friends
+easy to level up
+an entire world to explore (and more)
+a great storyline in every single place you can visit
+combat is fun
+great addons that make life easier
+pve and pvp are separate and are both super fun
+several pvp zones
+duelling (that you can opt out of)
+all of the map other than cyrodiil is pve
+new dlc and expansions often and full of life
+can play however you want if you don't care about super high damage

-community is quite toxic
-lots and lots and lots of grinding. For everything. Literally everything.
-game becomes boring once you’ve done it all
-can get boring solo
-steam servers are bad, buy the game on the website not here!!! <- Most important part
-servers in general aren't great, especially in pvp - vivec campaign (the most popular one) is a total lagfest.

Other parts:
Graphics: Good - able to run on any system.
Sound and Music: Fantastic, this is on spotify so feel free to check it out.
Combat: Good and Fun
Gameplay: Good
Grind: Bad lots of grinding
Difficulty: Easy except for vet trials and dungeons
Solo: Fun but can get boring alone
Group: Fun but play with friends and not randoms.

Overall I’d recommend this game.
I’ve had such great times with it. It is my most favourite game. Please check it out, it is very enjoyable and I've still got more hours to put into it!

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