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Type !commands to see all commands
Type !check to see how many sets you can craft!
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This is an automatic level up bot which help you level up your steam account in exchange for TF2, CS:GO keys or gems.

Quick start

- Add the bot
- type !commands

Some common commands-

!level [your dream level] - calculate how many sets and how many keys it'll cost to desired level

!check - show how many sets the bot have available and how much you can craft

!buy [x] - use to buy that amount of CS:GO keys for sets you don't have, following the current BOT rate

!buytf [x] - use to buy that amount of TF2 keys

!buygems [x] - use to buy that amount of sets for gems

Replace buy with sell if you want to sell sets!


Will the bot give me sets which I already crafted?

No, the bot never offers sets you have previously crafted and only sends sets that you have not crafted. However, the bot will not check your inventory

What key does the bot accept ?

CS:GO Keys and TF2 Keys

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add me we can negotiate about your knife
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Have a Lovely Week. <3
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Have a Lovely Week.<3
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+rep fast and easy
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+rep Good bot :)