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Sweet game
Posted November 25, 2020.
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At first I wanted recommend this game (during my ~5 hours of gameplay), but as more I was playing then less I liked it.
Yes, game has beauty pixel graphic, few characters with diffrent skills, nice story, good narrator voice + plenty of items to find. Boss fights are generally ok and usually force player to understand mechanics.
But after some time in game this title started really annoy me.

First of all the idea of forcing player to use all characters to make a progress is original, but when you have tested all classes and you didin't liked playstyle from most of them, then... you must play them or agree with huge content cut (no bonuses from skill trees, much less unique loot, no help from the family during dungeons) and % debuff on your health.
Really weak thing is that you actually should repeat each level for like 6 times , just to level characters, it is not fun.

Game feels a bit clunky and animations of dodges and attacks are not so clear. There are some enemies which will really annoy while playing some of the characters because of prolonged fights.

After short time combat started being really boring, especially with slow classes.

I finally writed this negative review when for the fourth time my game stuck on endless loading screen before final zone boss fight and I have lost all progress during these few hours. Game will not save your progress from the dungeons until you die or win, even character level.
Posted June 30, 2020. Last edited June 30, 2020.
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If you liked previous Hero of the Kingdom 1&2 then my advice is avoid this part.
Game is 99% stupid grind fest with 1% of hidden elements.
This game doesn't care about your time, I felt like I was playing in clicker.
Posted January 12, 2020.
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"Salt and Sanctuary" is the best 2D souls-like game on the market.
I am really suprised how many mechanics were changed for 2D gameplay. Game have also some unique mechanics like changing gravity, jumping from the walls, populating sanctuaries.
Character control was made very well, Dark Souls controls were definitely more poor.

Game could be a bit easy for someone who knows secrets of game and/or is good in 2d games. For some it is a problem and they are going into NG+ for true challenge, but for me as casual player in 2D platform games, game is rather balanced.

- many weapons, spells, buffs, items for crafting = many possibilities for builds
- nice visual design of world, enemies, armours (maybe except character models, but propably depends of taste)
- good lore, also there are plenty things to read, we don't get fed-ex quests from npcs which will explain everything to us
- very well level design with many shortcuts
- sanctuary mechanic with npcs for buying items, crafting and zone buffs to drop chance, money etc.

What is made very bad in that game? Honestly I don't see anything what I could name as reckless, stupid or incredibly annoying. The only thing which I would like to hear is great soundtrack during boss fights as in "Dark Souls".

I was worried that this game will be tiny and empty Indie title, but there are many mechanics and things which are made well, so it is definitely one of the best "less popular" games I've played.
As a fan of "Dark Souls" and not fan of 2D platform games I must say, it is a fun game for me anyway.
Posted November 6, 2019. Last edited November 6, 2019.
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Quick rewiew because there is not much to say.

I recommend avoid this title and just stay in previous "Just Cause" games (if you must).
- Game is ugly as for 2018, and game cost $60
- Resolution and optimization are broken.
- Plenty of annoying, useless copy/pasted activities like escorting npcs, using control panels etc.
- Story is still stupid
- Driving model is still broken
- Shooting is still boring

And for sure more things which are same or even worse than in previous games.

- more toys and ways to destroy things, and that's all
Posted August 31, 2019. Last edited August 31, 2019.
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I can't recommended this game at all.
Game is bad designed, combat is annoying and very unintuitive.
What is wrong with this game you could ask, well...

1. Using LMB (left mouse button) to moving and attacking in the same moment without option to change it. It could be fine as in another H&S games, BUT....
- Attack button detect even not spawned yet enemies, which will show as soon as you will come closer, so game detect their spawn before anything.
- If you have target on enemies and you have melee weapon then it starting doing auto-attack.... but it attack air, character will not move to enemies to attack them.
- Game have plenty of destructable items on each map, so if you using LMB to move then every few seconds your character will attack in the same moment some trash objects, prevents your moves

2. Combat based mostly about dodges. It also could be good, but again is bad designed. Why?
- whole idea of putting dodges as main combat mechanic in isometric H&S and forcing player to do actually everytime 1-2 dodges > 1-2 attacks > 1-2 dodges >1-2 attacks is just reckless, annoying and boring
- many animations of enemies are unclear so almost impossible do dodge them, especially when there are 5 copy/pasted enemies with these animations. Animations are not like in "Dark Souls" where you see what is coming and you have time to react.
- character easy stuck on small objects during dodges

3. H&S where grind is just bored at start of game is one of the worst things. There is no any satisfaction from loot, cause 99% are not useful trash items for other classes.

4. Crafting based on RNG, you don't know what you will get from vendors. You see only base item, but you can't improve rarity or bonuses. It would be good if grind would be fun too.

5. Forcing players to do some annoying, hidden on level, optional objectives or repeat whole map again with these objectives to be able upgrade anything what could be useful.

I think the best part of this game is Nordic atmosphere, it is just good, nothing amazing though.

This is just not finished budget game with very bad designed gameplay. If you have it already from somewhere then just end this title on easy mode to avoid this stupid combat system and then forget about this game.
Posted August 20, 2019. Last edited August 21, 2019.
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At first I must say that is not the worst AAA which I've played, it could be pretty ok, but ONLY on huge discount. Game is just overpriced as hell for content included.
Buy it only if you have played and liked shooting from "DOOM" (2016) from id Software and maybe if you liked gameplay in "Mad Max" from Avalanche Studios, because RAGE 2 is these both games gathered together.

- Combat system is actually the best part of game. It was really fun to use most of the abilities, charching into enemy, blowing things and making some crazy combos. Shooting is very satisfating.
- Upgrading abilities, passive bonuses, character and weapons. It was really good and I feel progression, I was stronger and stronger.

And thats it I guess, I really don't see anything more what I could put here as advantages.

- Driving system, worse than in "Mad Max" but better than in "Just Cause".
-Soundtrack is OK, but there is no much variety
- Weapons, I have ended whole game on Nightmare difficulty with just assault rifle, shootgun and rocket launcher. Rest of weapons seems useless and weak.
- Graphic and whole amtmosphere of wasteland are fine, just nothing amazing (Mad Max has better setting imo)
- Convoys, it is just OK for 2-3 times, then it get boring and very repetitive. It is a bit shame that I see lost potential on convoys, they are very easy even on hardest difficulties and very short + rather pointless.

- forcing players to hold button for every activities on PC ! Are you serious?! I must hold button to enter and exit vehicle, open crate, gather resources, open door etc. !
- Plenty of copy/pasted optional activities, shoot and kill, shoot and destroy, gather some trash
- The Story, it is really bad, so typical fight of one man against bad army who have killed someone close to protagonist.
-Dialogues and characters are typical, you will not feel any connections with others, you will not laugh even once. Antagonist with prolonged and selfish dialogues and your companions with like: go from A to B and kill thing because you are the only one who can make it.
- Quests are boring, go from A to B, nothing interesting, funny or rememberable
- Genereally just one useful vehicle in whole game, they gave like 15 vehicles, but none of them you can upgrade, also other vehicles are slow, have small durability or zero fire power.

Game was fun for a moment, but still DOOM or Mad Max are better separately.
Rage 2 is just full of pointless/useless things, it looks like not completed game, there should be more content.
Posted August 12, 2019. Last edited August 31, 2019.
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I cannot recommend this game, even on discount. This game is just NOT fun, but still better than FlatOut 3 though.
Situation with "FlatOut" games is same as with "POSTAL", where second game was the best and where third is total crap.
Propably I will never get new, good sequel.

Problems with FLATOUT 4:
- ridiculous physic, all cars can fly, even on clean roads cars will jump and player will lose control.
- I was forced to rather avoid high speed and use brakes more often. Racing game focused on crazy races and destroying enemies punish me for high speed, weeeeeee, SUCH A FUN !!
- graphic is like from 2008, zero progress
- optimilization is a total mess. Framerate drops in racing game is not allowed!!
- soundtrack is very weak and repetable, small number of tracks
- small number of routes
- I don't feel any satisfaction from driving into enemies

- better than FlatOut 3, but still almost unplayable because of physic
Posted July 23, 2019. Last edited July 23, 2019.
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I was trying to like this game, sadly game only looks nice when we saw it for the first time, after actually few minutes we see to what direction this game go.

- Beautiful graphic design,
- many easter eggs like crowbar from Half-Life etc.
- comics cut-scenes.

- very, very short game, like 2-3 hours (depends how many times we have died)
- annoying cover, shooter, cover, shooter gameplay (completely unnecessary)
- bullet segments and generally riddles, are just without any idea, example: you just go, you see somewhere switch, you must shoot to it with aimed bullet, you open doors. Wow, when I was 10 year old kid I made better riddles on my own paper game
- game kills you almost always in one hit (normal mode)
- boss fights are more annoying than challenged or fun, they are just bad designed like whole gameplay in this game
- Scenario is like "you got gun, go save world"

I do not recommend, there are plenty of better platform games.
Posted May 31, 2019.
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Quickly and succinctly write that I do not recommend buying this game, unless we get the game for free and when we finished all games from the series Far Cry, Just Cause, Saints Row, Assassin's Creed. Even then, I recommend drink something with %% before playing.

I thought Saints Row was absurd.
I thought Just Cause had a hopeless model of shooting and driving
I thought Far Cry and Assassin's Creed have a lot of copy / paste activity.
It means...
But Agents of Mayhen does everything worse than the games mentioned above!

The game is a repetition festival, go to some place, hack the terminal, stop and repel the attacks of enemies, go ahead and do the same.

In addition, the game has poor optimization for such a level of graphics. I have more liquidity drops than in Fallout 76.

There are a lot of characters that have their abilities, stats and weapons, and are nicely made and the animations are fluid. Characters are used as a weapon replacement.
And animated cutscenes are made very nice.
Posted May 14, 2019. Last edited May 30, 2019.
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