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Hi! I make Portal 2 Hammer maps for the community, though I will occasionally make PTI maps for rough ideas.
I hope you have fun playing my chambers!

I don't normally accept friend requests unless I know you pretty well, so don't even try, random stranger.

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• Seven-map Midnight mappack.
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Created by - RectorRocks
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Learn how to make better, fun, logical and enjoyable maps with this guide! I can't guarantee instant results after reading this but hopefully this helps you guys better understand how to make better quality (Hammer) maps. (Hammer) maps require lots of time
sugarblood Jun 20 @ 5:07am 
Hey, this is bunny! I used to be at nock's!
KETAL Feb 27 @ 5:24am 
when is SUPER PORTAL MAKER?????:p2wheatley:
Alfe5 Feb 15 @ 6:59pm 
Give me the Mark- :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: :suck: -er Berg
isforshooting Jan 13 @ 7:22pm 
Dude you still play portal? Wanted to see you give this one a go:
Hope all is well.
Robo SK. Oct 2, 2017 @ 11:59pm 
_galaxy Sep 5, 2017 @ 5:10pm 
Hey rector! I finished updating the unintended solutions on my map. Would appreciate if you can play it again! The final step should be the same though.