Class-A Emergency Feeling Kit / 2019   Russian Federation
Good time of day, human. Primary Info is down below.

Read it before contacting me. Thank you.

Additional Info

Please go further down for Primary Info, for others...

- Prices for the commission are set by you! Always above the key though, but it all depends on your satisfaction with this piece of work. But keep in mind that if it will be too low - no deal then.

"What can you offer?"
- I make GIFs and Posters

"Personal info?"
A slightly sarcastic introvert who likes to make people happy or angry depending on their behaviour via emotional control by graphical, text or audio formats. And I take note on every bit of information you send to me to further support my methods.

I enjoy psychology, arts and cultures of all kinds of nationalities. And I also love to learn just about everything as long as I deem it to be useful or interesting.

That's all :P
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Primary Info

Good time of day, playerbase, this is ReCommN speaking.

About Me

Name: Vladimir
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Country: Russian Federation, East Siberia

NO SMALL TALKS. Please get to the point quickly, and then we can discuss other things.

Questions That Might Arise

"Can I add you?"
Write in comments the reason. Plus, I do regular cleanups.

Rarely. But recently I fell in love with GIFs, so now there is a bonus for those: if you don't like something in it I may fix it right away for free!

"Valid reasons to add me"
- Commissions
- SFM/TF2CN cooperation
- Important questions
- Critique (I will take a note on this)
- Sharing good, well-thought ideas
- And... If you are an SFM animator too

"Want to trade?"
I am accepting payment and gifts only :P

"Need more information?"
Additional information about commissions and me is above this table.


YouTube / Trade link / TF2-CN
MisterSuit. Feb 18 @ 11:04pm 
I would appreciate it if you could help me get better at animating in SFM.
Kostamoinen Feb 8 @ 8:08am 
Thanks for the comment!
ReCommN.SFM Feb 4 @ 8:09pm 
ReCommN.SFM Feb 4 @ 6:57am 
Overlord Lettuce Feb 4 @ 6:48am 
+rep nice pybro, Also apparently a very talented SFMer. Cheers