oh its just that fucking olaffff guy from the forums, hi olaf.   Mexico
YungGoat: You guys suck.
--------------------------------------------------hello there!---------------------------------------------
I'll place worthy things inside this box from now on.
[img] https://floating.muncher.se/muncher.gif [/img]

-If you think fairy tail isn't trash, I'm convinced you're a flat earther.

Alijar: I've been on Pirates like 5 times because it has like a 5 minute wait time and is the only ride that works.

Olaffff:that sounds an awful lot like soloq.

Alijar: yeah but pirates is engaging.
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information, politics and snacks.
Hii i'm here to play videogames and shit, join me and we might have a good time.
If you need someone to talk/date then you will be severely disappointed, I update this description from time to time, though there's a few things that I don't believe will change about me.
1:i'm the most insignificantly above average 'nauts player out there (if you are new to that game, it means I'm not very good at it)
2:i'm rather jolly.
3:don't invite me to card groups...pls
Alright take care luv u.
------------------------------Stuff About Me----------------------------------------
am mexican,most of the time polite, favorite consoles are gamecube,gba,ps1.
plays lots of indie games,mildly weeabo, mildly casual, favorite genres are
fighting games, jrpgs and 3d platformers, favorite franchises, castlevania metroid and kof......
i really liked skyward sword... will avoid most fandoms."proud" owner of a logical brain. am a smash melee man who mains fox ylink and game and watch for no good reason. apparently im not salty, i suck at platformers, point and clicks and fps games. Top 10 favorite games Lets Go!
10:Golden Sun 9:super mario sunshine 8:kirby nightmare in dreamland
7:castlevania:SOTN 6:sonic adventure (sucks but too much nostalgia) 5:jet set radio 4:Elder scrolls IV 3: pokémon Ruby 2:twilight princess 1:transistor.
(whenever i write anything its a text wall... sorry)

also specs.
specs are a thing LETS GO!
(TLDR:Old laptop specs. :keropink:)
Processor: AMD E-300 APU (1.30ghz,dual core)
RAM: 2 gbs
OS: win 7 (32 bits)
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics
Microphone: none. (okay, i technically have one but its built in and god awful)
Controller: rendem ps3 dualshock knockoff, gaming mouse for gaming...thats about it for controllers.
Social Stuff.
Discord: Olaffff#7504
you might be able to find me on pokemon showdown or fightcade (eventually melee light maybe) im not very active there so should you want some matches, you should probably contact me first.
other than that i don't use social medias but i use the username Olaffff for most of my stuff.

Featured Games (single player)
aka. the ones i really like.
shantae and the pirate's curse
shovel knight
metal slug 1/6
twilight princess
almost any mario game
kirby air ride
cave story
jet set radio
virtual legos (A.K.A minecraft)
dkc, 3 on gba specifically.
many, many other gba games like golden sun, fire emblem, chuchu rocket and kirby.

Highlighted games (multiplayer)
quite a lot of fighting games (reffer to fightcade) such as jojo, skullgirls, the already metioned Kof and melee.
Duck game.
megaman 8 DM.
battleblock theater.
portal 2.
Wow (but through a private server)
And now:.......Motes...

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