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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 6:34am

16 colors

You unclocked the 16 colors display.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:03am


You unlocked a whole dimension!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 6:52am

Experience Points

You unlocked a new way to progess in game.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 6:35am


Now you know what we're talking about.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 9:41am

DVD Player

You bought the DVD player in Aogai.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 11:12am

Card Champion

You have defeated the strongest decks of Double Twin!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 11:01am

Master Collector

You have shown your full deck of cards to Garen!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 9:55am


You killed a bat with a bomb.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 10:10am


You killed a skeleton with the bow.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 9:56am


You killed an Octorac with a flaming arrow
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 10:38am

Choboko Hunter

You found and killed a Choboko.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:19am

Star of Evoland

You have found 10 hidden stars.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 10:01am

Superstar of Evoland

You have found 20 hidden stars.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 10:59am

Megastar of Evoland

You have found all the hidden stars.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 11:03am

Card Player

You have won a game of Double Twin.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 10:04am

Card Collector

You have found 15 Double Twin cards.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 8:31am


You have killed 100 skeletons.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 11:20am

Turtle Soup

You have killed 10 A'tuins
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 8:33am

Heavy Purse

You have looted 20000 glis in one play.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 9:40am


You have looted 50000 glis in one play.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:16am

It was an accident

You have destroyed 20 pots in one play.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:55am


You have used a bomb to destroy a wall.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:59am

Time Traveller

You have travelled through time 12 times.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 7:46am


You have beaten the Noria Mines boss with full health.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 6:48am

True Explorer

You have found the Hidden Cave.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 10:08am

Dungeon Crawler

You have found the Shrine of the Babamut.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 9:54am


You have found the Hidden Lake.
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 11:28am


You have defeated Zephyros.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 6:54pm


You have reached level 30
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 12:49pm

World Map

You feel like a true explorer
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 4:41pm

Card Player

You played your first game of cards
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 6:33pm

Poker Face

You have won 50 card games!
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 6:53pm


You have found all the cards in Evoland 2!
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 6:33pm

Flying Machine

What could possibly go wrong?
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 12:52pm

A new friend

Fina has joined your team!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 3:26pm

Another friend

Menos has joined your team!
Unlocked Jul 17 @ 6:15pm

This is getting crowded

Velvet has joined your team!
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 3:37pm

Power of Nature

You have unlocked the true power of Fina
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 6:18pm

Power of Fire and Earth

You have unlocked the true power of Menos
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 8:04am

Power of Ice

You have unlocked the true power of Velvet
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 6:22pm

Star Player

You have found all 30 stars!
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 9:02am

Tomb Raider

You have found the hidden tomb
Unlocked Jul 17 @ 5:21pm


You have solved all 8 puzzles in the library
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 4:09pm

Over 9000!!!

You got more than 9000 Gold
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 5:23pm

To the future!

No trails of fire this time
Unlocked Jul 19 @ 7:10am

Dual personality

I sense a troubling past... or is it a future?
Unlocked Jul 17 @ 6:07pm

MMA Champion

You have defeated the Prophet
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 5:59pm

You shall pass!

You have re-opened the Mayenne Bridge
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 4:06pm

Triple Dragon

You have escaped the Pirate's Lair
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 12:08pm


You have escaped the Sylphs' Forest
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 7:30am

Battle Master

You have won the Campaign for Demonia
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 3:08pm

Old Times

You have travelled to the Ancient Times
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 4:30pm


You have discovered the Anomaly
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 10:49am


You have defeated J.Snow
Unlocked Jul 26 @ 8:26am

The Key

You have recovered the Key
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 2:52pm

The Ear Pull

You escaped the guards thanks to the cardbox
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 6:15pm

Like a true hero

You have defeated Evil! Maybe.
Unlocked Jul 18 @ 5:43pm


You died to the Dreaded Creeper
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 7:51am

Double Tap

You've killed 40 zombies in the Ghost Forest
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 6:53am

Friend of beasts

You survived the Cluckety Isle
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 8:51am

Video Games Hall of Fame

You spoke to each old hero
Unlocked Jul 22 @ 9:30am

Lost Wiking

You found the lost Wiking
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 3:26pm

Chit chat

You talked to 50 different NPC
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 12:47pm


You have cut 10 bushes!
Unlocked Jul 16 @ 12:59pm


That's 100 bushes. You can stop now.