The Red Army
I will heal you   Tennessee, United States
"The proletarian revolution is noble and severe … severe for the insolent enemies of the people, but ready to give its aid to the oppressed and marginalized."

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Note: My online alias will always be a form of Haos Vivens Vincens.

Communismus vivat crescatque floreatque! Populum complus non est sed unum! Vos ad centrum scientiae Haosis Dei complector! Minecraftem Osumque Manumque Castrum Duum saepe iudo cum possum. Asiana grilla aeque utor spectare. Et vero, aeternissima fervidior communista sum eroque. Operes Marxi lego exerceoque ut malas res in societatem emendem.

*DEAD* DoritosAndLiberty: Bankai is hacking guys
Bankai: Hakka no Togame: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
*DEAD* DoritosAndLiberty: seriously just looks at you and you die

Liberosity: a man who acctualy mic spams good music
Liberosity: we need more like you on the frount lines

*DEAD* pyhn [TC] : BOW appetit
*DEAD* pyhn [TC] : get it
pyhn [TC] : coz ur a huntsman sniper
Gween Tea : ha

(TEAM) ExoDrone : perfect timing red army

Razorback is OP : Vivens 'Soup' Vincens

Rocken Space Dino : what soup
Rocken Space Dino : what fucking soup
Rocken Space Dino : i dont get the jike

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how did i do this comment? when is this? how did i do?
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You have nothing to lose but your chains!