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:aaevil: Greetings, I'm a TF2 Heavy Main and a WIP artist and potential designer, having a bit of skill on real paper, software as well as the more physical aspect (sculpturing/crafting). Feel free to send me requests.

:aaevil: That being said, please don't invite me to random Steam groups either.

:aaevil: My style of writing and interests do not necessarily correspond to my personality, so don't get that fixed in your mind and try to be a cuck.

:crate: Click here for my trade link.

:crate: For the majority of the time I only trade for my own interest, rarely for profit.

:crate: I completely don't care what the actual prices are for the item - If you want something from me, and I have very high sentimental value for it, I expect a filthy big overpay or simply not trade that item at all.

:crate: Scammers, don't waste your time.

A bit more about me

:sticky: I am a Christian, I tend to some aspects of technology, religion, science and what-not out of personal interest. Any given topic that you bring up is something I would try to adapt to in a conversation, feel free to ask questions since I'm relatively open :)

:sticky: I will consider everything someone might say with complete respect and will take pretty much everything seriously until the point where I find out you are either a toxic shitbag or just salty because you refuse to accept something that might be a fact or not correspond with your beliefs in general. This doesn't mean I am humourless, it's simply a way for me to identify who someone might be at the very beginning in order to save myself time from having to engage in worthless shitfests.

:sticky: I'm not an edgy teen with personality disorders (5/7 voices in my head agree with me).

Whether this is an anime reference or not is up to you. I have a fairly expansive knowledge of this topic as it privides me with ideas when it comes to art and design. I have seen approximately 100 titles or slightly more; most related to fantasy and psychological themes and factors including combat and such. Feel free to bring this up in discussions :)

:sticky: I watch movies. Practically anything aside from horror since I'm no big fan. My primary choices would be anything related to psychology, action and just general fantasy genres. Some of my favourites being Avatar, Interstellar, Mr. Nobody and presumably some Marvel or DC movies.

:Sticky: I have a seriously long attention span to practically eveything, especially to games; so don't be surprised if you only see me sit on 1 or 3 the same games per week, I don't get bored, that's all.

:sticky: The Wall of Things :sticky:

:ussr_banner:RealmLord : IQ TEST! Press Alt+F4 to spawn a random cosmetic in your inventory!
Dr. Rick Dagless M.D. left the game (Disconnect by user.)
*DEAD* manya132 : real shit?
manya132 : LUL

:ussr_banner: Foof the oofer: Realm
Foof the oofer: Your heavy is electric cheese

*After Kritzkrieg massacre*
:ussr_banner: RealmLord : (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง fite me coward (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
*DEAD* Diana : bitch wot

:steamsalty: Compa : More like the lord of reaming ass

:steamsalty: _S3MMEKE : fuck you WITH YOUR BULSHIT]
*DEAD* _S3MMEKE : 9[f766666a;gyujWD TFGUILp-][;

:steamsalty:D13M0ИD : dick sucker
D13M0ИD : realm is noob
DEAD* D13M0ИD : noob
*DEAD* D13M0ИD : wtf
*DEAD* D13M0ИD : hacker

:steamsalty:*DEAD* THE ULTIMATE SUPERVILLAIN : ug hacker
(Voice) RealmLord: Thanks!
*DEAD* Ray Harley : repoted
*DEAD* I Am The SkrubLord | osu prosu : who?

:steamsalty:*DEAD* Exgone : WTF
*DEAD* Exgone : SOLD
*DEAD* Exgone : I FUCK U
*DEAD* Exgone : PLS DIE
*DEAD* Exgone : FUCK
*DEAD* Exgone : TEA,
*DEAD* Exgone : RLY

:steamsalty:ॐ-Another World-ॐ : realmlord fuck your mom

:steamsalty:Benoît Dude : medic and heavy gay couple spawncamping/pub exterminator

:steamsalty:Softy ツ : u tryhard like noob on casual and u have australium and no skill

:steamsalty:*DEAD* Mister Norsemann : Dam... damn your fucking existance.
Donks : that heavy is such gay

:steamsalty:*DEAD* Maurice : does he cum like his minigun fires?

:steamsalty:*DEAD* InKryption : God damn you Heavy

:steamsalty:ShAbLa : who likes to play heavy hoald down 1 button and point at youre target wow so funny

:steamsalty:*DEAD* xXn00bXx : FKING REAL LORD
Zaky_ : rly
RealmLord : hehehe
Tacklebox : realmU
Tacklebox : reaml*
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Shine=3 Jul 21 @ 2:04am 
You know you've played as the fat man with a minugun for too long, when you're comparing yourself to the Russian mafia
No Jul 16 @ 12:08am 
really nice heavy 10/10 would pocket again :Speech_Love:
Fat Idiot #RemoveRandomCrits Jul 13 @ 12:36am 
nice player destroyed my team with godfather's will but I'm not even mad because I always respect a heavy main
Malo | fourmalave Jun 27 @ 1:58pm 
Really good dude with some great talents ! Keep in shape :P
Wambert Jun 16 @ 1:01pm 
The smelliest of boys but also the greatest of communists and the friendliest of friends. C:
REX HUNTER Jun 6 @ 12:44pm 
first thing i love your heavy loadout and you seem to a very cool guy and i think you and I can be good friends