Toughest Gun In The West
My name is nobody   Washington, United States
Hi, I'm Kai. Lead Developer of tf_weirdmaps and founder of The Ash Tray Games. If ya wanna add me, PLEASE comment why :happy_creep:
If I added you it was likely related to Team Fortress 2.
Try out my tf2 server! More info and a discord link can be found on our group: connect in console
Let's see if you can kill the Toughest gun in the West!

Comment before adding please :)
(If my account show's as level zero refresh the page, steam comment bans me for 24h after 200 comments so if I don't comment when adding you that is why. Or because you do not have public commenting.

Disclosure: None of the art on my profile is drawn by me but all of it belongs to me. Please do not use it without my permission, if you want the original illustrator I can link all of them to you.

If you add me and say nothing after 24h while online I will remove you.

Discord: Call me Kai#2937

Here's a list of people who are going to steal your ♥♥♥♥. Scammers :D - Literally blocked me over 15 ref. Slipped my ks powerjack into the trade instead of my regular one :(

flapjack is not hacking this account I swear so just DONT stab me
flapjack has beenith here for the 5th time so just gotta put it here
flapjack waz here
flapjack was here again #hewasnumber1
flapjack-they dont stop coming
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Come try out my tf2 server <3
I like writing fantasy novels and listening to Get Scared

To whomever is reading this. I hope you are staying safe during these dark times.

brbshower feel free to comment.

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more like lead deSMELLoper
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Toughest Gun In The West Mar 1 @ 8:11am 
It was before I started seeing a professional about my mental health issues.
Prolly closer to 4-8 years ago.
Toughest Gun In The West Mar 1 @ 8:01am 
Yeah about 6-8 years. That's around the time I had a falling out with a number of individuals and more than one community.
Kimi Feb 28 @ 12:47pm 
6-8 years ago huh...
StrawbyEmma Feb 21 @ 12:50am 
womp womp