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I actually can not understand all the bad reviews here. I played Civ 1, 3, 4, 5, BE. And I think that Civ6 is very good. It's not perfect but it's much better than any Civilization right after release.

  • Since Civ3 there was a very nasty tradition that each next part of Civilization is worse than previous one with DLCs because many feature were cut in new version. And Civilization 6 breaks this rule. The only important gameplay feature which was presented in Civ5 but has been cut in Civ6 is UN. And also Civ6 introduced many new features!
  • City districts is pretty interesting feature. It still should be polished but I already like it
  • Wonders which takes it's own cell are very good. It make game much interesting. You don't have a one city with all wonders in it anymore. This feature requires planning and thinking: do you need this wonder? Do you actually need benefit from this wonder? Are you ready to take one cell from your city (people won't work on this cell anymore)?
  • Builders are also great idea. It helped to avoid tens of them on later stages of a game
  • Casus Belli - is a very interesting concept
  • New tree for 'culture science' is also interesting idea which makes game much more diversified
  • Sean Bean

  • Broken balance. That is most awful thing in the game. It is okay-ish right after release but it SHOULD be fixed and I hope developers will fix it as soon as possible. Especially diplomacy. It doesn't work as it should. Also map generator requires some tweaking (having 10 cells of tundra followed by two cells of hills and then followed by 10 cells of desert is not look good)
  • Some features requires too much micromanagement (spies and 'gossips')
  • Bad AI (but lets be honest - Civ 3, 4, 5 all have bad AI as well)
  • No editor

  • New UI. It's not so bad as people are saying, just people get used to Civ5 UI and it has been changed here
  • New graphics style. Before release I was against this new style. But now I think it's not bad. It is not felt like indie or mobile game. Maps and fog of war are pretty nice and stylish
  • Active progression (aka eureka's) are good enough but requires some tweaking in my personal opinion
  • Good soundtrack
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