quick bio of my life:
i was born and imma die real quick

the most inspiring video ever:

the rex wall:

rex "this is how the jews took back israel"

reako: everyday my opinion of the stupidest person on earth changes, but somehow you consistantly are able to become number one
rex: its so easy to be on top, and i dont even make love

if i go to lan and reako is buffer than wetam ill commit sepoku

(speaking about tsunderes) theres probably a few out there


"snow or die, my man, snow or die."
"u mean stunt or die?"
"no snow or die. it snows or i die"

c9 will never win a major

did abraham lincoln respect women?

2D women are better than 3D women. This has been shown multiple times, as they are more caring, have more emotions, and are genuinely better people than 3D women

reako already had no eggs

"rex you're a furry?"
damn straight

"130 what"
130 kg
130 kg
is greater
than 130 pounds

(speaking about a jump map) "I will become the black master"
"I conquered the black"

"I touched my dick for THIS"

"the only anime i watch is hentai"

"take me to cp FUCK YOU"

"hickory dickory dock
suck. my motherfucking cock"

"im putting my hand on Drake's ass"


"im torrenting the love live movie"

"maybe banksy is joining isis today and maybe tempest is in the love shack"

"Reaktardo kills a team ft. THE Rexraptor7"

"this is monkus hours" (monkaS)

"you need wackyfire to have sex with you??"
oh yea

"god i love beating women"

"dude this guy touched my nipples and im so confused"
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england is my city
very important quotes:

Sans: Man. It smells like upgamers in here.

xiPoison - "You can't be put on a spectrum if you're already on one."


Squigs: I thought the day she eats her sons ass was Monday not Tuesday?

Tempest - "my asshole sounded like a tub flushing"

Tiptup: what about the one where mario puts fludd on his dick and floats to the stratosphere

BB - "Ricky, I will literally respond to you after you speak to me. Its called a conversation"

*DEAD* Indesiree : stfu u begginer player
B0tguy_ : ur level 2

demo:want to be gay?
demo: i feel that

galactir - "there is some blackness in being proud of being white"

wackyfire - "my autism is a big part of my gameplay"

wackyfire - "moe is like one of those trees that have been struck by lightning repeatedly. hes a petrified trees. if he were in lord of the rings he would be one of the dead ents"

Hampdog - "I just want to suck even more dick"

Jed I. Knight - "what is greentext"
wackyfire - "its how people with autism communicate"

Tempest - "fucking normie your ass just got eaten"

cre-8: So I was looking at that one anime picture and I saw everyone but me. And then I see a fucking stick
banksy: its a sword
cre-8: it looks like a stick
fire fist ace: swords are prestigious

*DEAD* ghost : ok baby
*DEAD* ghost : moonpies: ok baby
*DEAD* ghost : tempesttf
*DEAD* ghost : more like
*DEAD* ghost : babytf

flame - i hate ranch and i hate cum

[8:25 PM] Grape Juice: What is your guys’ fucking problems
[8:25 PM] Grape Juice: Stop posting just stupid shit in here
[8:25 PM] Grape Juice: Nobody wants to see that fucking shit
[8:25 PM] Grape Juice: Stop being fucking stupid
[8:25 PM] Grape Juice: Get your head out of your ass
[8:26 PM] Grape Juice: Are you guys adults or are you 6 year olds

Black Hammer - "what are these ooga-booga jumps"

Still gay eyes: Ugh, I can't believe that scene exists. Young Sisters who are comfortable being naked around their older brother piss me off. Have some class.


CaptainSigma: my least favorite minority is people who drink diet 7 up

Tempest: The real me is a furry with a 5 ft dick and swords for nipples

*DEAD* Tohg7. : i will destroy the enemies of the TF2 community

Syuko: i will reverse vore you
Syuko: twice

BIG CHUNGUS : you wanna sidondis
qwin : i dont know what that means
reekz: LOL
BIG CHUNGUS : sidondis dick

reekz: somone insult ace please this is important
Austin: ace more liek STUPID fACE

there really is no point to learning fucking japanese
- you become gay
- like really fucking gay
- you are a weeb now, officially
- you look stupid in front of everyone
- you dont even get bragging rights you just look gay when you say "i can speak japanese"
- did i mention it was gay?
- you get to read hentai in japanese and english
-thats fucking it. kill yourself

Captain Sigma: i have asended, i admit hentai is pretty good

Tempest - "dude i want to warm up so i can deck people but i dont want to spend the time so that i can deck people"

TempestTF : im so fucking good at pyro
Jamma : everyone is

someguy: shut the fuck up normies

GrapeJuiceIII: glitch, you're a bitch, stop being a snitch

[9:50 PM] wackyfire: if i had a micro penis i could make a mold of it
[9:50 PM] wackyfire: and make ice cubes out of it

wacky : you cowards dont even smoke crack

squigs: santiago legit got maria and I don't care

reimu 4 smash - "if you die in russia you die in real life"

retard : make like a tree and die

wackyfireball - "it's not incest if its gay"

wacky : people can deepthroat a dick and rex can't even finish a popiscle

zac: Your actions determine whether or not you are a dumbass

banksy - "mormons are basically white muslims"

[2:26 PM] wackyfire: Why is it people of color if black isn't a color

banksy - "life is a post uber fight"

wackyfire - "fucking virgin im getting virgined"

giblert - "imagine if wackyfire became invite in 8 years"
xiPoison - "well if you slam your head against a brick wall eventually it breaks"

wackyfire - "im not gay i just have aids"

glitch - "vladimir putin is a twink"

wackyfire - "kovaaks is mge for rich people"

wackyfire - "how can i be racist if i own black people"

wackyfire - "the holocaust didn't happen, but i wish it did"

reako - "yo what's up hunta"
hunta - "you sound blacker than usual"

reako - "wouldn't sex be painful for the woman if the dick is that big?"
wackyfire - "who said anything about women"

moe - "there are, like, 2 colors of skin"

giblert - "its a bruh-22"

moe - "black people dont exist because black is a hue"

giblert - "im a tsundere for wackyfire"

[9:33 PM] wackyfire: mr hitler would have never let this happen

giblert (calls me drunk, and after talking for about a minute) - "this isn't a voicemail right"

@_@lly O_o: im the perfect white person

wackyfire - "its like if lebron james was white. hed be overpowered, he could get elected president"

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