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The Ocean Is In My Blood

Start your journey
Unlocked Apr 30 @ 4:38pm

Don't Touch My Radio

Choose a song in your sub's music player

A Little Insight

Watch an Ocean Insight video

Binge Mode

Watch all of the Ocean Insight videos

You Jelly?

Unlock every type of jelly in the Scan Model Viewer

My Hat is Like a Shark's Fin

Unlock every type of shark in the Scan Model Viewer

Whale, Whale, Whale...

Unlock every type of whale in the Scan Model Viewer

You Guys Made Me Ink!

Scan all of the octopuses in the game

Keep Clam and Carry On

Unlock the Giant Clam in the Scan Model Viewer

It's Only a Model

Unlock all of the models in the Scan Model Viewer

Scan All the Things

Scan everything in the game

Because We Scan: Atoll

Scan everything in all dives to the Atoll Region

Because We Scan: Open Ocean

Scan everything in the Open Ocean Region

Because We Scan: Seamount

Scan everything in the Seamount Region

Because We Scan: Brine Pool

Scan everything in the Brine Pool Region

Because We Scan: Vents

Scan everything in the Vents Region

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