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the dogter and the purrgeon
thingdoer for Tip of the Hats / budhud / HUDS.TF / jump.tf / teamfortress.tv

not accepting friend requests unless we've played together or we know each other :uglydog:
G2 Chibi Mixwell :> Apr 12 @ 1:43am 
we are the best team <3
psy Apr 6 @ 7:49pm 
I come here every once in a while just to see what cute dog you have your profile picture as. c:
Very strange demoman... Mar 29 @ 4:47pm 
thank you for your hud its amazing <3
VolKan Mar 29 @ 2:30pm 
randomly came across your profile, looks like we might be able to work together on something, possibly.
this guy's kinda based ngl
Radioactive Jan 15 @ 12:49am 
sewer sister to my basket dumper :2017tp: