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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 6:32am

Into The Woods

Reach the forest
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 1:43pm

The Rampage Begins

Reach the canyon
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 6:21am

The Final Challenge

Reach the peaks
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 9:26am

Made It

Complete boss jump in peaks
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 9:14am

It Begins

Get sponsored by a team
Unlocked Oct 22 @ 10:40am

Carving a Path

Get 10.000 REP
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 10:50am

Found Your Flow

Get 50.000 REP
Unlocked Oct 30 @ 9:38am

Ain't No Scrub

Get 250.000 REP
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 6:35am

Get Some Gear

Unlock 10 items
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 12:35pm

It's Getting Cluttered in Here

Unlock 25 items
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:16am

Quite a Collection

Unlock 50 items
Unlocked Oct 22 @ 9:59am


Unlocked Oct 23 @ 6:15am

Gap in the Market

Complete 10 mini-bosses
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 6:32am

Show em who's Boss

Survive a boss jump
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 12:46pm

The training was worth it

Jump over the train
Unlocked Oct 22 @ 9:57am

Represent your style

Complete a team node
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 9:24am

Dialed in

Unlock a shortcut
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 6:36am

Flipping Heck

Land a double frontflip
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 6:13am

Every Axis

Land a 360 frontflip
Unlocked Oct 23 @ 6:43am

Speed Demon

Reach 100kmh/62mph
Unlocked Oct 25 @ 2:11am

Flying Finish

Finish a level after bailing
Unlocked Oct 28 @ 9:29am

You're Still Here?

Finish the credits

Getting Dizzy

Land a 720 double backflip

A True Descender

Finish a session from highlands to peaks

The Golden Run

Finish a session from highlands to peaks without bailing a single time

Go The Extra Mile

Complete all bonus worlds


Complete a sponsorship

Bring A Friend

Finish a level together with someone else

Get The Gang Together

Finish a session with 3 different crew members

What A Legend

Finish Career+ in one session

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