Razvan Ciuciu   Romania
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What i'm doing when i show emoticons

Offline: Not able to talk to anyone or play games
Away: Left the PC alone for a little bit
Online: able to talk to anyone playing games or searching for games to buy or play
Message: i will accept anyone but first they need to tell me the reason they friended me
:maskedcaptain:: this means you are promoted to moderator or officer on my group
:cleankey:: To message you this key you need to talk friendly no bad words
:Access:: this means you got access to my Group
:scarecrow:: this means i'm Angry

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Garry's Mod

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Discord (Razvan#9230)
Blizzard (RazvanPro#21841)
lolzombieratt Jun 16 @ 12:54pm 
never mind you haft to find a mape fore the map then it werks
Razvan Jun 16 @ 12:53pm 
ok let me search
lolzombieratt Jun 16 @ 12:52pm 
in gmod
Razvan Jun 16 @ 12:18pm 
what are net bots?
lolzombieratt Jun 16 @ 12:00pm 
do you know how to get net bots to move
Archangel SK Jun 14 @ 9:10am