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Hi. I'm a registered Undertale trashbag.
I choose death by boobs.
"I'd fuck a skeleton and I blame Undertale" -Lester 2017

"Good luck! Have fun!"
"Fuck you!"
"Eat dick!"
-Every online game ever.

Hello! The name is CORE!Frisk, but you can call me Frisk. I'm just an ordinary gamer who's generally friendly to everyone. :sans:
My favorite video game genres are racing, open world, strategy, fps, tps and sandbox. (You didn't ask, but I don't care that you didn't ask)

Add me on Uplay: corefrisk69
Add me on Origin: razvyboss69
Add me on battle.net : corefrisk69#2675

If you want to trade with me, you're wasting your time, cuz I'm not really interested in trading my shit.

If you want to add me to play something with me, go ahead. Just make sure to look at my games list so that you don't start sending me messages and invites about playing a game I don't have like...idk....Rocket League, for example.
Also, don't ask for money.

Also, if you care about my opinion on religion, just click this sentence [imgur.com]

That's all for today. Le CORE!Frisk out.

Nigger is an offensive word but the person saying it is not automatically a racist. Insensitive sure, but not automatically racist. Context is incredibly important when categorizing a statement as hate speech.

Just some quotes from Hollywood Undead songs
I don't wanna die so you're gonna have to -Hollywood Undead

You need to slit your wrists, get pissed and go jump off a bridge. -Charlie Scene

I have a facebook meme page! Check it out

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Errr ok?
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ill be back next year
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+rep gasses jews as a hobby
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