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General Information
:p2aperture: Name: Danya
:p2aperture: Nationality: Ukraine
:p2aperture: Age: 14
:p2aperture: TF2 main: Demo

Things that I like
:p2blue: I like tf2
:p2blue: I like wathin anime, and here are some cool ones:
:dsmagic: Fairy tail
:dsmagic: Naruto
:dsmagic: My Hero Academia
:dsmagic: Attack On Titan
:p2blue: I like Dead By Daylight(hightly recommend!!)
:p2blue: I like pin pong, I played it for 5 years and still didn't change my mind.
:p2blue: I like Game of Thrones.
:p2blue: Sometimes I like to watch films.
:p2blue: I love tf2.
:p2blue: I like "Strange things".
:p2blue: I like helping people escape in Dead by Daylight.
:p2blue: I like watchin Youtube and here are some cool youtubers:
:securityevasion: anoASMR
:securityevasion: Kurzgesagt
:securityevasion: Lazerbeam
:securityevasion: iNoToRiOuS

Things that I don't like
:p2orange: I hate when people became mad after they where killed, and start telling me ''fukin noob camper'' or sort of things even if you didn't camp. (Dead by Daylight)
:p2orange: I hate when people get mad after you win mge. (tf2)
:p2orange: I hate fagotwatch.
:p2orange: I hate scammers that think I am brain dead and don't understand that they are scammers.
:p2orange: I hate pyros. (tf2)
:p2orange: I hate people that say that this game is dead. (tf2)
:p2orange: I hate syka bliat go even if I did play 1k in it. (csgo)

Artwork Showcase
That's a medic!
cakeindos Jul 18 @ 1:22pm 
See you on NG++ IF you make it
cakeindos Jul 18 @ 8:22am 
level 100 and still cant kill George of the Boreal Valley, unskilled individual. Doesnt know how to do a proper build just puts all the points into DEX so ez 2 shot 4 me, tru scrub he couldnt kill Dancer of the Boreal Valley alone either
*Mister Bubbles Jul 16 @ 1:43am 
Hi sir add me for a good and safe trade i can give you a better offer and a overpay ❤
Self-proclaimed God (DK) Jun 18 @ 10:58pm 
H m
SrTigerWhite Jun 18 @ 10:01pm 
ross Jun 2 @ 6:58am 
lmao hes a mear mortal