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Burnt Flesh

You relived your nightmare.


You became a Protector.

Keeper of the Holy Order

You became a Keeper of the Holy Order.


You combined two synergetic classes and unlocked an affinity.


You unlocked a second affinity!

Card Shark

You won 10 rounds of "Battle for Treomar."

Dice God

You won 10 rounds of "Morala's Dice."

Home, Sweet Home

You bought yourself a home in Ark.

The Spectral Horde

You bound a lost soul into a Phasmalist's trinket.


You brewed and drank your first Wolf's Blood potion.


You mastered a memory tree.


You collected 15 butterflies for Rynéus.

The Grove

Listened to the story of Silvergrove.

Master of the Arcane

You learned a mythical spell.

Hidden Powers

You found and read a hidden talent book.


You found all of Enderal's magical symbols.

Fetchquest, Vol. 2.

You found all of Enderal's mystical symbols.

Knowledge Is Power

You found and earned all knowledge points.

Master of Eggs

You actually hunted down all eggs for Kurmai. Hats off.

Good shot

You scored well in Rynéus starling-sphere game.

The Treasures of the Destitute

You found all hidden stashes in the orphanage.

The Queen of the Forsaken

You opened Vatyra's treasure chamber.


Thanks to your sleight of hand, you found a big hidden slot in a chest.

Chronicles of Blood

You found and read all books of the Butcher.

Slayer of Beasts

You found and slayed all mythical beasts.

Yes, We Got Them Too

You defeated Enderal's only dragon.

We're Sorry

You suffered through Enderal's rendition of the arrow in the knee joke. You knew this was coming.


You became friends with Whirlwind, the Donkey.

Crunchy Pleasures

You tasted a slice of Marita Rotang's fresh, tasty breeeeeeeeeeead. It was divine.


You found the Father's hidden gift.


You engaged in a profound discussion about art and poetry with Prince Mith.

Lyrical Outpours and Other Bodily Fluids

You read an analysis of Prince Mith's poetry. And got educated.

Cuthbert the Spirit Pig

You summoned the spirit of Cuthbert the minipig. Foes be wary!

Nimble Feet

You proved yourself both dextrous and athletic by tricking the Starling lock mechanism on your first try.


You succesfully used your Rhetorics skill fifteen times.


You discovered a synergy between two talents.

Icy Embrace

You froze and shattered an enemy.


You acquired and wore a complete set.


You died from Arcanist's fever.

Vanquisher of Horst

You neutralized Pathira, who took control of Yerai's centurion.

Behind the Horizon

You discovered 50 different locations.


You flew on a Myrad's back for twenty times.

Bounty Hunter

You finished all bounty quests.


You finished 50 quests.


You accumulated 100,000 Endralean penny coins and entrusted them to Samael Silren. Are you sure about this?


You mined 50 ore veins.

Reach for the Stars

You climbed Enderal's highest mountain. Congratulations!

Catch 'Em All

You found all souls.

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