Robert   Whittier, California, United States
I am a musician/student currently

If u take trash talk srs you are actually a nerd. LMAO

Set List for next show:
Feeling this
Hell Song
First Date

I have been invited to play at Carnegie Hall and have earned 2 national wind ensamble awards (alto sax).

I am also an (student) ambassador for California and have met the King of Sweden and the PM of Canada.

I play guitar, bass guitar, alto sax, clarinet, drum kit, and flute.

I'm currently working on several band projects. Might have first album up at the start of next year.

Add me if you are a musician or music enthuisist.


Random stuff

and last but not least words of wisdom by the great ultra:
17:28:00 ultra: sorry was nutting in my little sister

btw what is this lol TurtleBox has crafted: Strange The Jag

tf2 center is a fair site

Im bad since i dont take lobbies seriously

when she lets u go raw

Harmless : I am currently listening to final boss music from a hentai game remixed with slam jam. Fuck you

This is why im last picked on freak pugs and pugchamp

muddy - sandwich so good make my brain nut when u ring for gobi

gobi ring pt.2

when u get out dm'd by pocket kritz ;-;

why do snipers get more praise than spys in lobbies ???

JJam: all u do is bot :)

Run in yell you are fukin and u destroy kids.
Cuz destroying kids is legal on steam.
Not IRL. classic > sniper rifle

Knsume: "Murk u play dm servers like a jump map "
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if u have a crush on me just say it
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stealing my name..................
I want to be your student ambassador if you know what I mean... Haha. God damns fags to hell.
extremely handsome from what I've heard. sounds pretty gay. I'm not gay though, so I don't know. But he looks handsome. Is that gay? I hope I'm not gay. I don't want to be gay. But is calling someone handsome gay? Is that gay? Or is it a factual statement? That isn't gay...right?