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I'm sorry.

I don't do HUD work anymore. Thanks for the support over the years, though. <3


1:24 AM - eMCee: NOOOO
1:24 AM - eMCee: THE DOGS
1:24 AM - eMCee: =(((((((((((((((
1:26 AM - eMCee: OGM
1:26 AM - eMCee: ksdjfsdfsd
1:26 AM - eMCee: fsDSjkfhdslkfjgld;skgd
1:26 AM - eMCee: x

5:02 PM - gandalf lft: today i was taking a nap and left twitch open, a random stream started playing but for some reason my sleep brain thought it was you and i got SO MAD i was like GOD DAMMIT FUCKING RAYS, i apologize for cursing you unjustly in my sleep

4:27 AM - skie: A while ago i opened your stream then my audio got stuck with you going "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" then it blue-screened
4:28 AM - skie: I turned it back on and went back to your stream and you said "I'm sorry"
4:28 AM - skie: how did you do that

2:36 AM - leopold leopoldovich: yo
2:36 AM - leopold leopoldovich: i need to start a clothing business
2:36 AM - leopold leopoldovich: that just specialized in womens jeans
2:36 AM - leopold leopoldovich: so i can make fucking pockets that are actually useful
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smrk Jul 15 @ 7:23am 
added because of a HUD question D:
value* May 7 @ 1:08am 
-rep doesnt even work on hud anymore damn scammer
Danvitinho 2 Mar 9 @ 12:53pm 
thanks for creating this awesome hud!
.bam Feb 9 @ 9:31pm 
use rayshud for 3 years now. :D
W4spKeeper 205 keys loot.farm Dec 30, 2018 @ 1:20pm 
ay you sellin that summer hat also do you know how to mod killstreak eye effects
meteora. Dec 24, 2018 @ 5:25pm 
Thank you for the mods that I used during my playing time of TF2, I see someone keeps updating it on huds.tf