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Personal Achievements

Maneuver Master

Fire 50 single salvos from both the starboard-side and the port-side cannons.

Treasure hunter

Complete all 21 legends.

Best Actor

Get an Oscar in 3 categories. (3 Oscars in the hold).

My Domains

Destroy 10 forts

The Merchant

Sell 1,000,000 piastres` worth of valuables.

True Pirate

Reach the maximum faction rating with the pirates.

Sharp as a Razor

Finish 25 enemies with a ram attack.

The Hunter

Win 10 boardings without taking any losses.

Sea of Poison

Earn the Poisonous Asp reputation.

All on Board

Assemble a full 15-man crew.


Get sunk by the sea monster Leviathan 3 times.

Sea Wolf

Win 25 games online.

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Complete the tutorial.


Witness 2 concurrent tornados.

The One

Face a developer online, or against 10 players who have this achievement.

Conqueror of the Lands

Complete all Secret Land quests.

Emperor's Friend

Complete the Emperor's Daughter legend.

Kind Doctor

Heal Basil

Animal Advocate

Let Krakens go without a fight.


Return the forged painting.

Righteous One

Kill the spawn of hell.


Keep the violin.

Cunning Bastard

Cheat in the battle for the title.

Sun Wukong's spirit.

Place Sun Wukong's Statue and Sun Wukong's Golden Staff at simultaneously.