"Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
- Rienhold Niebuhr

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Competitive FPS shooter with rewarding gameplay mechanics.

Teambased game enviroment.

Rewards skillful play.

Meta rarely changes.

Fun to play with friends.

Able to practice with custom maps and community servers.

Fun to watch professional matches.

Built in replay system to watch demos.

Cheap game, 15 USD.

Overwatch helps to rid community of cheaters.

Vac, until very recently is useless and still doesn't manage to keep
the game clean of cheaters for the most part.

Cheaters are prevalent across all ranks and some are even in the pro scene
or were in the pro scene. (KQLY) (simple)

Smurfs run across all ranks especially in lower ones because of how old CS:GO is.

Ranking system in MM is inconsistent sometimes requiring one-three wins to rank up
but could be as many as ten in a row.

Hitboxes are still sketchy sometimes with shots going right through someones head.

Griefers and toxic people run around in MM.

If you don't play PRIME MATCHMAKING you are basically playing in a Hack VS. Hack Server.

Very difficult to rank up to lvl. 21 and steep learning curve.

Valve doesn't communicate with the community much at all.

My Review:


9.5/10 Damn Near perfect for an FPS genre. You might get CS:GO'D though so watch out.


4/10 Toxic and stubborn community roams these parts.

Learning curve and new player experience:


Difficult to rank up, smurfs everywhere, cheaters everywhere in non-prime.

PRIME MM experience:


100 times better than non-prime but still ridden with toxic players, griefers, smurfs, and cheaters.

Updates and valve's involvement with CS:GO:


Valve doesn't communicate with the community, however, I applaud the updates to the pistols
and it's a step in the right direction.

Pro Scene:


Entertaining to watch but some of the players might be cheating. "Cough" Flusha "Cough"

Overall Score:

Rounded to nearest whole number.


Would I recommend playing this game?

No, unless you have lots of friends who play it and can help you rank up. This game
is purposefully driven away from casual players by Valve.

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