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This guide will take psychology studies from the 1950s and use them as a means of identifying characteristics in the characters and comparing them to the research. Will they align correctly or is it such a minute, insignificant detail that they probably di
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This will always be the greatest screenshot I have ever taken; KatanaZero is art.
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The top review is the TL;DR. If you want a more in-depth analysis check the one below!

KatanaZero is, in all senses of the word, a gaming masterpiece. The writing is complex but manages that complexity with perfection, the game mechanics, slowing time, are unique and executed amazingly, the neon VHS cyberpunk-esque artstyle fits perfectly and, in terms of difficulty, it feels just hard enough to make you push, think and adapt.

This is a must-buy; if you don't own this game already you must buy it! This is what I consider to be a perfect game.

KatanaZero is an exploration into the effects of war, drugs, PTSD and discovery of self; each moment in this game, outside of the mindless slaughter, explores a deep, gritty part of human nature. You play as Zero and, without spoiling too much of this one-of-a-kind story, you spend the entire game choosing a path which will explain as much or as little of his backstory as you choose. KatanaZero does not stray away from the worst part of what makes people human instead it embraces it and uses it to magnify their narrative. This, combined with a perfect score by LudoWic and Bill Kiley, creates what I consider to be the perfect game as it plays like your classic side-scrolling platformer hack-n-slash but feels like an investigation into man and it's greatest mistakes.

I must warn people who are considering playing this game: it is very raw and graphic for a pixel game; you will feel very vulnerable and emotionally-defenceless but by embracing that moment of weakness you will experience this to it's absolute fullest.

KatanaZero is a must-buy. It's not just a perfect game that's an immense understatement; This is art. In the ever-growing battle between what is and is not art this is one of the greatest examples of live-art.

Rating: 10 / 10

Thank you Askiisoft.
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