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Apr 6 @ 1:20pm
In topic Random freezes for 1-2 sec
in my case - moving uplay to ssd.
Apr 3 @ 1:37am
In topic PhysX Effects
Is it impossible to update the game to have all necessary files in distributive?
Mar 29 @ 5:31am
In topic PhysX Effects
Looks like legacy physx is mandatory no matter the ingame option. Tried on Ultra, tried on Medium, game was crashing. Installed legacy stuff, and it started working.
Mar 28 @ 3:01am
In topic Random freezes for 1-2 sec
Okay, it looks like the problem is on my side. Uplay is installed on the HDD, and Far Cry 5 is installed on the SSD. While idling my will HDD fall asleep, but at the moment when the game wants to do an autosave, it will wake up HDD and write to it. Because of this, a freeze happens.
Mar 27 @ 4:22pm
In topic Random freezes for 1-2 sec
yep if its connected to 50inch screen.
Mar 27 @ 4:14pm
In topic Random freezes for 1-2 sec
nope, all other games work just perfect. pubg, ghost recon wildlands,♥♥♥♥♥creed origins. and no overclock as well
Mar 27 @ 3:58pm
In topic Random freezes for 1-2 sec
I've got powerful laptop with 4 cores i7, nvidia 1070, 16gigs of ram and win 10 x64. Game runs in 1080 on ultra with stable 60 fps. But sometimes (no pattern) game freezes. There are no reason for it since its installed on ssd.

Just take a look, several timings:

13 sec

1 min 1 sec

3 min 19 sec
Mar 27 @ 4:41am
In topic PhysX Effects
Are they still working? Can i enable them on gpu?
Mar 25 @ 12:45pm
In topic Fully packed with nvidia physx?
So i'm interested in this game only because of physx integration. Lots of destructable parts, right?
Mar 22 @ 12:22pm
In topic GAME CRASH FIX!!!!
Originally posted by Ancalos:
Simple fix. For me I downloaded the newest NVIDIA Drivers. After you download them you will find them here C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Engine\82D8704BAB07.
Copy a file called PhysXCore.dll then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Bureau\Binaries\Win32 and find the same file. Delete the old one and paste the one you coppied before. And viola. fix

Correct drivers:

Thx, that fixed the issue. So game keeps its outdated library in gamefolder, and it has priority over new one from nvidia latest driver.
Ye, for me it also happened just two time. But there was no explanation, thats the problem from my pow.
Mar 13 @ 12:59pm
In topic Mission restart in the middle of the game
So i was playing with random teammates, then suddenly i see loading screen and mission is restarted and im playing with bots. What does it mean?
Mar 13 @ 8:20am
In topic WE with Fences app issue
Oh... Okay. Issue solved:

Had to disable blur effect in Fences...
Mar 13 @ 8:19am
In topic WE with Fences app issue
Just take a look:

Fences transparecy still thinks that i'm using original wallpaper which was replaces with WE. Any solution?

Program i'm talking about:
Mar 13 @ 6:33am
In topic Light switches inside buildings
Its a bug, and after numerous of patches it still exist.
Mar 13 @ 6:29am
In topic Light switches inside buildings
Just take a look:
Maximum settings, nv1070, latest drivers, win 10.
Mar 13 @ 1:15am
In topic FPS became lower with recent 9.1gb patch
Changes for 9gb patch?
Mar 12 @ 2:30pm
In topic Speed-up chest opening animation
I can understand this effect on schoolboys... Not on adult people.
Mar 12 @ 2:13pm
In topic Speed-up chest opening animation
Originally posted by Warlord:
Why waste your time playing games?

Menus, interface and so one its not game. Just like introduction logos. Game is gameplay.
Mar 12 @ 2:10pm
In topic Speed-up chest opening animation
Seriously, why i should waste my time on chest opening animation. I wanna button "open all at once" and just list my loot. Or there's some phycological stuff here?
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