Rapoza Dynamica
Parana, Brazil
Now with Stereo Rainbows!
Hello there folks! I am Rapoza Dynamica, an artist fox thing who's trying to always put heart on everything I do. I am a 3D modeller, texturer, designer, illustrator and even make some acrylic painting from time to time haha.
I hope that you enjoy my Workshop submissions, aswell feel free to tell me anything that you want.

Ey! Psss, if you wanna add me, just send me a note on why first!
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Rapoza Dynamica Apr 6 @ 5:15pm 
Thanks alot mate! It means alot to me hahaha <3
martinmarvin Apr 6 @ 4:32pm 
Dude your stuff is amazing really loved the unusual effects you came up with in particular.
a penguin Apr 4 @ 9:56am 
It's all good. Your workshop items are amazing, so I can understand why you've been busy lol
Rapoza Dynamica Apr 4 @ 12:02am 
Sorry, I've been really busy lately and really couldn't add anyone. I hope I can get my things sorted out soon enough.
a penguin Apr 3 @ 4:15pm 
Sorry guess I really didn't need to add you to ask some questions :/
Alloy Mar 27 @ 4:48pm 
poderia me adicionar? queria alguma ajuda sobre modelos