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Vac Ban (Mw3) info (more...)

VAC Status info
Received a VAC ban on March 22, 2012 for using a weapon unlocker in MW3.
I cannot play MW3 online as a result. Everything else still works.
I made some weapons that were not normally possible,with an extra
attachment or some other similar thing, and unlocked all the normal weps/titles.
I've been told they don't even ban for this any more, but I'm not sure.
In any event, don't cheat. Play games, have fun. Peace :)

Tf2 Accomplishments
1337 Wins Dueling Minigame
Soldier Medal 1337
Level 100 Hats/Misc Collection
31/67 Unusuals
(formerly) #33 top backpacks world wide
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Just add me again if you like.

Beams Officer's Ushanka (unboxed)
Beams Safe N Sound (unboxed)
Searing Carouser's Capotain "Seething Witch Hunter"
Flies Cheiftain's Challenge "Scalptaker's Bloody Bonnet"
Burning Flames Exquisite Rack "Hot and Horny"
Circling Heart Exquisite Rack "Unusual Rape Helm"
Haunted Demoman's Fro
Haunted Festive Tree "Nightmare before Christmas"
Scorching Coup D'isaster "Hell Toupee"
Haunted Carouser's Capotain "Warlock's Wicked Witchbane"
Haunted Prince Tavish's Crown "Degroot's Damned Decapitator"
Flies Professional's Panama
Haunted Ol' Guadalajara "Dia de Los Muertos"
Stormy Ol' Guadalajara "Cabron Mojado"
Planets Engineer's Cap (unboxed) "Slartibartfast's Planetary Engineer's Cap"
Haunted Grimm Hat "Grimm of lost Souls"
Searing Blighted Beak "Plasmatic Pulmonary Protrusion"
Flies Larrikin Robin "Filthy Robber Barron"
Flies Connoisseur's Cap "Barbeque Butcher's Cap"
Cloudy Outdoorsman "Lunar Tunes"
Burning Scotman's Stovepipe "Bealzebub's Brimstone Black Top Hat"
Stormy Backbiter's Billycock "Time for a bit of the Ol Ultra Violence"
Smoking Lucky Shot "It hasn't gone off yet"
Stormy Tippler's Tricorne "Bermuda Triangle"
Smoking Grenadier's Softcap "Fidel Castro"
Steaming Front Runner "Saunafabitch"
Blizzardy Outdoorsman "Wabbit Season"
Flaming One Man Army "Sylvestor Rambone"
Stormy Bonk Boy "Capt Cranky Pants"
Flies Tyrant's Helm "Obelix's Olfactory Offending Outlander"
Flies Tam O Shanter "Degoot's Dirty Divot Destroyer"
Flies Wraith Wrap "Wraith's Rotten Rags"
Flies Team Captain "Bison's Tuesday"
Heart Bird Cage "Boyd E Num Nums"
Flies Brainiac Hairpiece "Dr Seth Brundle"
Planets Brainiac Hairpiece "Albert Einstein"
Blizzard Tough Stuff Muffs "Lucky Le Rue's Chilly Chapeau"
Planets Barnstormer "Space Ace"
Knifestorm Crone's Dome "Wicked S'witch Blade"
Flies Samur-Eye "Date Masamune"
Planets Hazmat "Baby Galactus" (haha planets in belly)
Flies VR Headset "T-800"
Flies Bubble Pipe "Cosmic Vapors - In space no one can hear you fart"
Flies HotDogger "Rotten Brat"
Burning Honcho "El Presidente por Vida"
Flies Ol Geezer "Stinky Weaselteats"
Time Warp Hound Dog "Elvis Sightings"
Overclock Timeless Topper "Time Badits"
Memory Leak Braniac "Alan Turing"
Cloud 9 Halogen Headlamp "I Love Lamp!"
Cloud 9 Cadaver's Cranium "Fankenlust"
Cloud 9 Killer's Kabuto
Hearts Blighted Beak "Doctor Strangelove"
Knifestorm Outdoorsman "Knifeback Mountain"
Blizzard Tsarboosh
Ghosts Milkman
Hearts Private eye
Flies Magistrate's Mullet
Cloud 9 Das Gutenkutteharen
Flies Kabuto
Flies Tyrant's Helm
Something Burning Firewall Helmet
Poisoned Shadows Armored Authority
Flies Dragonborn
FoD Spent Well Spirits
Hot Woodland Warrior

Scorching Ol Guadalajara

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