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I can't wait till I can chop this pineapple up!

Hey man, you can't chop that up, man Spongebob lives in there!

I'm guessin' Patrick livin' in a rock too huh!?

You damn right.
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RandyCo Apr 12 @ 1:20pm 
and im not even that good
RandyCo Apr 12 @ 1:19pm 
you lied to a moderator saying you had video evidence, didn't have it, and i got rightfully unbanned because i didn't mod. i was just better than the people in the lobby
[DN] Siberian Snorp Mar 27 @ 4:40pm 
Help me please. Add meeeee..
Avi R. Feb 26 @ 3:08pm 
Billy | Skinhub.com Feb 26 @ 1:10pm 
insert your penis in my vaginee dad
Avi R. Feb 10 @ 11:41pm 
+rep confirmed gay furry.